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Has anyone tried these before!? I love alpha pharma and I wanna use anadrol for my bulk! Let me know !


You can bulk with anadrol with trenbolone acetate and deca for bulking . This is a proven cycle to get big gains with anadrol & deca and trenbolone acetate


yea bro. alpha has strong shit. took these for a few weeks and had to stop i gained like 15 pounds

Alpha Expert

I prefer alpha over all the other labs. I always get great results


I have used these a few times, they are legit, gtg, and defnitely provided some serious back pumps, and couldn`t eat while on them.


Yes, tried, used, and legit. I ran it at 50mg for 30 weeks and 75 the last 3 of a ten week bulk with npp. Id order them again.


I have used multiple labs of drol, and can say they are fairly equivalent. i have no preference but have been using maha a lot of late.

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