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I see these brands look a little more official. They are a lot more expensive, is it worth it?

Beast Mode

these pharmacies are definitely a little more professional than some of these other ugl but theyre about the smae and feel safe using them all.

Sean Phillips

these pharmacies definitely have a little bit better packaging but for the most part are all the same. i have never found justification in the elevated price.


its the quality control process employing trained pharmacist and certified packaging increases the cost. Then ofcourse we do have choice to pay more or less.


as far as they market themselves, it appears they are closer to a real lab and pharmacy but there is no way to know for sure. I have used a few of their products after having that impression and found them as good or equl to others at a lower preice point.


they claim to be a legitimate pharmacy with products manufactured by licensed labs so they mark the price to reflect it. if this is true or the case i can not say.


depends on oreference. ive had geneza that was just as strong. they say pharma ia usually dosed spot on.

Is this actually pharmaceutical anadrol?


Yes it’s pharma grade. 24roids offer quite a few pharmacy grade production

evan johnson Expert

Yes this is a pharma grade product. However, I doubt you would notice much of a difference from the high quality UGLs here on 24roids.


Yes it’s a pharmacy grade product but all the products on 24roids are doses so apparently if not over dose that you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between the ugl and the pharmacy one.


Yes this is a pharmaceutical grade product. All the items 24roids sell is good gear and you shouldn`t be able to tell the difference in some of the items.


Yes this is a pharma grade anodrol also know as a-bomb. Iran Ho was a go to in the 2000s when it came to a-bomb but then the counter fits flooded the markets now with so many UGLs I almost forgot about them


Iran Hormone is a real pharmacy and it is pharmaceutical grade. I`ve used this before. It`s a real pharmaceutical product and not ugl.

Is this product that much barter than the other anadrols


It’s hard to say if it that much better than the other anadrols on the site because all the anadrols on the site are top notch quality

Mike Jones Expert

If it actually contains the hormone oxymetholone and is accurately doses then it’s impossible to say wether it’s better than other adrol products I’ve used a few different adrols on 24roids and they all have the same results you’d expect from this compound

Carl Powers

If it’s on 24roids then I’d have to say that it’s as good as any other lab’s version of the same compound. 24roids only uses the best products. I’ve never bought anything on this site that wasn’t up to my expectations.

Will Expert

The all compounds on 24roids are from legit labs. Expectations between this lab vs Dragon or GP should be the same. One is not necessarily better than another and the difference is the lab producer. Some have more piece of mind buying from established brands that have been around for years. Some like to try out new labs. Completely based on your preference but this anadrol should be just as effective as any other sold on the site.


The best anadrol I have used from 24roids is geneza. Obviously anadrol is the strongest shit u can get so ur going to feel it no matter what u get. But I can actually feel a decent difference myself between some of the other brands and geneza.

evan johnson Expert

All the anadrol products on 24roids and I don`t think you would find that one to be better than the others.

Ok so responds of the questions I got. . first is yes still waiting for approval and I got in update on everything I called the main branch for western union and they told me that no the money is there and everything is fine on there end it`s just the receiver has not picked up the funds so I dont know what`s up on 24roids end but I did cancel my order and for other guys here I will email u soon with the info

Vincent Valentine Expert

So. .. what`s the problem? Judging from your other questions, there isn`t one. Western Union is a notoriously slow means of payment, not just on 24roids, but on most sites that sell illicit products. Having said that, I`ve used WU through 24roids several times to get gear, and although it`s definitely slow, I`ve literally never once not gotten my gear. Understand that the substances on this site are known to be explicitly illegal in most countries. That 24roids provides a means to obtain them AT ALL is incredible, not to mention the fact that they somehow manage to deliver these products to your front door from across the world – all the while providing nearly instant communication via customer support if you need help, reshipments if your product gets seized, multiple payment methods (that they provide detailed descriptions of), discounts through specific payment methods, AND account credit for helping fellow users by answering questions. So if the best excuse you can come up with to openly hate on this website is that ONE payment method is a little slow, and that`s seriously enough for you to brigade the Q&A section trashing this service and offering different sources, please do us all a favor and just leave. Go to your other clearly superior sources. Or, and this is just a thought, you could take a deep breath, chill the [email protected]%k out, and just be patient. You clearly had enough faith in 24roids to order from them in the first place and there`s nothing saying you won`t get your gear – because again, there`s literally no problem.


Ok dude, you said you had good experience with 24roids but now with one bad experience you are acting like a little kid throwing tantrum. There is always possibility for a company to mess up and that includes your new source.

Mike Jones Expert

Vincent is right. Your trashing 24roids because your impatient? The money wasn’t picked up, they didn’t take it and not send anything. Think of the process 24roids probably has hundreds if not thousands of orders across the world a day and they proabably actually definitely keep a small close knit group of employees, so that means one of them who ever gets designated has to go physically pick the money up at a western union that could be an hour away from their office building. So there’s not need to throw a fit on this forum and trash it, your one out of how many ppl that had to wait a few days for the money to be picked up? If your that Impatient, use crypto it’s instant and very easy to use.

Micheal Ervin

It’s shameful to even post something like this here

anon5_uk Expert

Just go with cryptocurrency and don`t look back. WU is shit to be quite honest. And in this era, it`s quite lazy to use them, since crypto is the far better method of payment in every single way over any other non-traditional payment methods. I promise you, once you set up a wallet, you will ask yourself why didn`t you do it years ago

evan johnson Expert

Be patient 24roids will pick the funds up when possible. If it has been over a week you can contact online customer support. To avoid problems like this altogether you can pay with bitcoin or litecoin.

Ok so I posted a few questions here about my order still waiting for approval it`s been 17 freaking days and I have mess 24roids and they said western union is slow there ism now passed this shit I am very disappointed in 24roids sence I been dealing with them for many years and been a loyal customer they have always come thu great but I am done. . my question is now I need to cancel my order I looked it up it says if funs are sent and not picked up in 45 days it will go back in the system and could take 9 months to get back to me. . I have a new source and I know this source is great and I been back in forth talking with them and I do a ton of research so I know 100% they are good and sell 100% good stuff I know a few guys who gotten from them and gtg any one needs a new site I`ll tell u bc o know alot are fed up with 24roids now


I know your situation is frustrating but If its really western union`s fault then why would you bad mouth 24roids? I hope you order goes through and your issue gets resolved quick


Well does your account say paid/processing? Or waiting for waiting for approval?

D-man Expert

You said yourself that you have used 24roids for years with no problems. Any company is going to run into problems every once in a while. 24roids makes it right 100% of the time. Let`s see what the other company does when they run into problems.


I used litecoin and they received my funds in less than 10 minutes, and with the 10% discount there’s literally no reason not to use it. If you think you’re smart enough to use the products on this site without screwing yourself up, then I suppose you’d be smart enough to figure out how cryptocurrencies work and this whole mess could have been avoided. Then again, you haven’t figured out punctuation. Part of me thinks you’re trolling, if not then you’re being extremely unreasonable considering the reputation 24roids has.

Hi I posted a question about a week ago about my order and it saying waiting for approval still it`s been well over 3 weeks and nothing still I did contact them they said western union is slow but theres no reason for this tho I dont know if 24roids believes it will still go thu but at this point I dint think it will. .anybody wait this long b4? I have orded b4 a few times and had no problem I think 24roids should fix this asap and if it does go thu I feel I should get some extra stuff I like 24roids been with them for years I hope they dont start losing business


Had my order wait on approval for 2 weeks, Always come through thou. 24roids will make it right if you do not get your order. .. All will be good.


This is unlike 24roids to take THAT long just to collect the funds. You said you have messaged them already, so I would suggest to “submit a ticket” which is within the contact us page and explain your situation through there. This will reach uper management more quickly then constantly live chatting them. However, they ALWAYS come through at some point never have I gotten screwed on an order even though some times I did indeed doubt them. So just be patient and submit a ticket and wait ti hear from them they always respond within 24 hours.


There are several threads with this issue as we speak. Myself included. I am 9 days waiting on approval. They said there are technical difficulties in the ukrain with western union. Some people are 20 days out ATM.

Fred Erickson

I used MoneyGram and my person picked up the money last night MoneyGram is working good

evan johnson Expert

This sometimes this can happen with Western Union so be patient. However, a couple years ago Moneygram blocked my tranaction which cost me time and money. I have been using bitcoin ever since and have never had any problems.


Many issues with MG lately. .. works for some but have been seeing a ton of complaints. Highly recommend using Bit or Litecoin next time. Used coinbase and Upload apps before and they work fantastic. It`s worth the setup

I just ordered this along with sust 250 I have ordered from 24roids b4 with no problem at all but this time I do. . I placed I. Order last Tue and its still in waiting for approval they said coukd take 4 business days but it`s been over 7. . they said contract billing and I did s few days ago and nothing back. . anyone that can help I would be very appreciative thank

D-man Expert

I have never had an issue getting 24roids to reply to a ticket. They have always replied to mine in less than 24 hours. Make sure you are descriptive as possible when you create your ticket, such as order number, dates, products ordered, payment method, name, etc. ..

peter arnone

I don`t have an answer but I`m having the same problem. I used to order elsewhere but a good friend suggested 24roids. Well I placed my order last week on 3/21 and my order is still “waiting on approval. ” I did contact them and they responded within 24 hours and said that Western Union often runs slow in the Ukraine (?). So I gave it another two days and I`m still waiting for approval. I contacted them again today 3/29 to find out what`s up. I haven`t gotten a response yet but I did tell them that I would give them to 4/2 to see what happens and that if nothing is changed I will go forward with cancelling the order on 4/3. I ordered during a half price sale. They specifically tell you that as long as you place the while the sale is on the sale price will be honored even if you`re approved after the sale ends which I did. As opposed to just saving it in your shopping cart where the price will return to the regular price after the sale. Wondering if they`re playing some kind of okie dokie shit where they tell me the sale is over and I have to pay the higher price. i4c

michael vanacore

i waited 13days then canceled it. i talked to billing they said western union is slow but i think they are catching on to this shit. i tried again today hoping for the best.

Mike Childs

From questions I’ve been seeing these last few weeks it looks as if WU has put a wrench in the 24roids ordering process. 24roids wants to get the gear out to you just as fast as you want it so I don’t think it has anything to do with them. I would really look into Bitcoin and Litecoin. I found a local ATM that I could deposit cash into and that goes into your anonymous wallet app. The stakes 24 -48hr to process the payment, it’s 10% off that way, and untraceable. Seems best for all parties involved. You can do a Google search for crypto atms and find one close to you.

SocalJuicer Expert

The issue recently seems to be clearly isolated to Western Union. Why not just set up a Bitcoin wallet (most suggest Coinbase), then use a debit card to make a deposit. You can complete this whole process in a matter of minutes, then pay for your gear, and get quick confirmation. Added bonus, you get a nice discount (now 10%, right?), and your account will be setup and ready to go on future orders.

anon5_uk Expert

There have been some payment processing issues lately from comments from other users. It will go through eventually, but choosing crypto as payment method is far superior than other methods. It`s also cheaper on you, much cheaper in fact. I really don`t understand why someone would pay WU over crypto. Just Google how to set up a wallet, you could be set up within an hour even!

Has anyone tried these recently? If so any info would be much appreciated thanks .

Mike Jones Expert

I haven’t tried this brand of anadrol personally but I’ve used Hilma’s, and dragon pharmas and they are both good to go, with this being on 24roids that always has reliable products and it being a Middle East manufacturer this should be a good product and actually the anadrol compound I’ve used numerous products from middle eastern countries and they have been top notch


Dragon Pharma and Alpha pharma are GTG. Not sure about this brand. Regardless, you can test it when it comes in.

anon5_uk Expert

Based off my limited research, Iran Hormone Co. seems to be a pharma-grade manufacturing company. So, should be good to go! Iran is also a country where steroids can be legally purchased, so that is also a really good sign!


I`ve personally only used Dragon Pharma Anadrol but have heard Iran Hormone Co to be a top notch company. I bulked up big time with permanent improvements in strength and muscle mass. I highly recommend giving them a shot

evan johnson Expert

While I have not used this specific brand, I can tell you that anadrol is hands down the best steroid for bulking and gaining strength. I personally use geneza, but can tell you all 24roids products are top notch and good to go.

Mr. Bean

Iran hormone is top notch if you get the real deal. Iranian pharma grade gears such iran hormone, aburaihan, and caspian tamin(spelling might be wrong) have good reputation and as resault are heavily faked speccialy in europe. But this being 24roids you are g2g with this one

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