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Anti Aging Half Year Rejuvenation Stack

Do I shoot HGH IM or SubQ?


You will shoot is SubQ just under the skin.. Use an insulin needle 29 to 31 gauge


You can do either route, I prefer subq.


Subq is preferred. Besides it also is easier and more pain free/scar free, and you`ll never hit s nerve doing subq.


Injecting somatotropin into the muscle, it will get way faster into the blood stream through venous capillaries and small vessels.Injecting HGH subcutaneously will have a shorter absorption (same occurs with insulin).However, the main benefit comes from the localized fat loss that Growth Hormone has in adipose tissue. Lipodistrophia is the medical term which characterizes the excessive fat loss in the periumbilical area.This is why you should rotate and chance the spots around your abdominal area.


Hey bud. Sub it! You wont regret it all. Especially the diabetic syringe is best because its smaller without any pain. For IM you`ll need a longer syringe to get ibto the muscle really good. G-Luck Continue reading Anti Aging Half Year Rejuvenation Stack

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Undercover`s Lean Mass Program

Is there a need for an anti estrogen during this cycle?


Absolutely bro. The stack has testosterone and dbol, two huge players in estrogen production. Lucky for you, is that comes with exemestane. Your AI is covered.


Hey you are good to go with the anti e that comes with the stack. Always keep some on the side for any future cycles as well.

John Smith

Yes, susta converts, but this cycle is pre planned by 24roids and everything is covered including AI which in this case is Exemestane.


The stack provided has you covered. You will absolutely need to use the exemestane as directed as the compounds will raise testosterone and this increase estrogen almost immediately. Continue reading Undercover`s Lean Mass Program

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Side Free Quality Gains Cycle

Was wondering if this cycle is oral or injectable? If it is just oral I was wondering if there is a way to make the same stack but injectable and having it up for sale? Thank you.

michael vanacore

this cycle is both. promabolan injectable 400mg a week. and anavar. you can just pick primo by bayer and add injectable anavar by geneza. they have it for sale. you will have to.inject alot of anavar. it comes 25mg per cc. so 10 times a week just for anavar. id stick with one oral and the injectable primo.

evan johnson

The cycle is injectable with the exception of the anavar which is oral in this stack. However, you can purchase injectable anavar on this site. I really wouldn`t worry about that though since anavar is so mild either way that you just take orally as prescribed in this stack.


Promabolan is inkectable, Anvar is not.


Anavar is a very mild oral steroid, therefor you should not be afraid to take it orally for quite a long time without significant strain on the liver. There isn’t really a perfect equivalent injectable version, the closest compound would perhaps be drostanolone, aka masteron. Continue reading Side Free Quality Gains Cycle