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HCG Ovidac 2000 iu

Is this product EVER going to be back in stock? It`s been at least a year…


Nobody here knows but there are many other high quality hcg on the site you can choose instead.


You can sign up for 24roids to inform ty when this item comes back in stock.


I don’t think any user on this site is really going to be able to answer this question, But there’s really nothing particularly extraordinary about this product or lab. HCG is widely available and cheaply made, so I would just go with a different lab. Sun Pharma has a really good reputation it is very reasonably price.


The only thing you can do is send a question to 24roids customer rep. They can try to have the vendor restock as soon as possible. Or at least let the vendor know that they have customers waiting on Their product or else the customers might go somewhere else. Sorry my friend. There’s nothing anyone can do. Good luck!!


There are other hcg brands that you could try. If it`s not available on 24roids then it`s available on a bunch of other sites for similar costs.


The best way is open a ticket but I would forget about it and get. New product of equal

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