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HCG Pregnyl 5000iu

Yes, keep in fridge after it`s reconstituted for optimal shelf life.


Yes keep it in the refrigerator or the BB light best part I would not put it towards the back I would keep it into the door of the refrigerator because otherwise it may get too cold at the back and freeze.


it only needs to be put in the fridge after mixing.

crazy Dan

Anytime you reconstitute hcg or hgh or any peptides you need to place them in the fridge to SLOW the growth of microorganisms. Hence it is advise to reconstitute them with bacterioSTATIC water. So it delays the growth and not kill the growth. Over time things will grow. This is also why you put your reconstitute hcg in the fridge, cold condition will slow the growth as well. Hope that makes sense brother! Dont forget to vote.


Yeah bro once mixes stuff it in the frigpdge, good luck


Yes, as soon as you reconstitute a peptide you must refrigerate it immediately. It is stable for about an hour outside of the fridge while it stays stable for 2-40 days in the fridge.

I forgot to ask where do you inject this into



Inject into the stomach fat area


The stomach fat area at least 2 fingers away from bellybutton


Sub q into belly fat around your belly button

JD Cycle

The good ole belly fat. Much like HGH. Get some 31g needles and you`ll be good to go


Sub q belly fat


You can inject it anywhere under the skin or IM. IM will hit your bloodstream faster but isn`t necessary for what HCG does. I`ve tried it all, it all works, I now just shoot the belly around the button as it`s easy every single time. Just pinch some skin, stretch it out, and inject under the pinch. Easy as pie. Good luck bro.

How much bac water do I need for this and can someone explain to me how to take it. I`ll be taking it near the end of my cycle and how long before the end of my cycle should I start taking it. Im on a 16 week cycle of test e 250 and deca 250 pinning twice a week at 1.2ml test and 0.8 deca


JD Cycle

I add 0.5ml to one vial and 1.0ml to the other. I do this so I can pin 1000ius in the first by drawing out 0.1ml. I do 5 pins at 1000iu. Then the next one is 500iu per 0.1ml. I run that for 10 pins. I start the day of my last cycle pin and run it through every other day as a kick start. Then I start clomid and nokvadex 2 weeks after my last cycle shot.

crazy Dan

A common question my friend! Add 1ml of bacteriostatic water to your 5,000iu hcg. Try adding the water to flow down the side of the vial. The vial is under vacuum so it will pull water from syringe very fast so be careful. Now you have 5,000iu per 1ml which is the exact concentration as 500iu per 0.1ml. This is very convenient since each “10” marking on the insulin syringe is 0.1ml. 2weeks before i start my pct i pin 1,500iu eod to jump start the boys from deep hibernation since i usually cycle for 20weeks. I usually pin 10,000iu and then transition into pct. But if you have only 5,000iu of hcg then you can pin 750iu eod for 2 weeks then transition into pct. Good luck brother and don`t forget to vote.


You`ll want to run 750-1000iu every few days as a pct protocol. For a few weeks, to keep test high until your natural production returns. That being said. 1 ml will do, and just inject .2ml for a dose of 1000iu per dose.


Should come with the water with this and instructions mine did anyway.


You will need to add 1ml of Bac water to the vial. Drop the Deca at week 14, and drop the Test at week 16 and you`re going to use the HCG the two weeks after your last Test shot and before you start your PCT. Shoot 1000IU of HCG (0.2ml) twice a week. You`ll end up shooting for 2.5 weeks before PCT and that`s fine. You can start your PCT 3 days after your last shot of HCG. Good luck.

Two questions related to this product which I recently received. 1. Instructions that came with the pkg is not in English. Assuming the product is still legit? 2. I got 30ml vial of bac water and don`t have another container to transfer. Can I mix the entire 5000iu to the 30ml or will it be too diluted? if do mix, how much should I draw on my insulin syringe if I need to pin 500Iu twice a week ? Thanks for all the response. stay safe.



Can you fit 5ml of water in hcg vial? Then 1ml is 1000 iu. On an isulin syringe 50 would be 500 IU. Easier that way

crazy Dan

no need to worry! Here is what i would do in your situation with no empty vial available. so you have 5000iu. adding 1.0ml of water will give you 500iu for every 0.1ml. So you don`t water yo add too much water. You can go to 2 or 3ml max! Anyway, throw away the sodium chloride water that came with the hcg. Use your bacteriostatic water you bought because you need the preservative in it to prevent bacteria/fungus growth. So break the ampules of the hcg. then add 1ml of bacteriostatic water to it. Draw out 0.1ml with a insulin syringe and pin yourself. Then take a clean new piece of aluminum foil and carefully wrap you ampuole. Then place it in a small tea cup or tall shot glass to keep it standing upright. Aluminum foil is sterile enough and it will prevent critters from dropping in the ampoules. Your bacteriostatic water has a preservative to aid it from going bad. Now try to use it as soon as possible. The other way is to discard 27ml of bacteriostatic water and use that vial. If you want i do this, hit me back and i can walk you through it. Good luck!

I`m on TRT using 200mg T cypionate every 10 days and adding 100mg deca into the same pin hoping it may help heal a lingering shoulder injury ( along w a forced break from the gym due to the CV-19 pandemic ). I`ve used HCG occasionally in the past to try and avoid testicular atrophy, etc that comes with TRT year-round. Question is: sometimes less is more, so how frequently, how many IU per pin, and for how long should I cycle the HCG? Also, since I will do a late spring “blast cycle” to get more size and definition for summer ( increase Test E to 400mg mixed with 200mg tren E per week split up over 2 pins/wk), should I run the HCG simultaneously or start at the end of the 10 week blast cycle? I`m 58 and in very good shape and my labs are all good so far. My doctor is a friend and he`s always amazed but of course he doesn`t endorse my bi-annual blast cycles. Thanks guys !



No need to over complicate – simple inject 250iu of hcg twice per week indefinitely to prevent testicular atrophy while on cycle or while on TRT. Your body cant distinguish whether you are on a replacement dosage (TRT), or a supraphysiological dosage (cycle) – either way it stops making testosterone and your testicles will experience atrophy.


if you are in TRT, there is no need to cycle HCG and a minimal dosage of 250iu twice a week can be your regimen. If you are on a real cycle and taking additional PCT components, then yes.


Hey NH Lake Skier, I would consider taking cyp every 3.5 days to keep blood levels more stable. I use HCG twice per week 250-500 iu in each pin as needed and stop when the balls and loads are full. No need to take more than necessary. The answer is take it until you don`t need it. I`ve never needed more than 4 pins (2 weeks) to get the balls swinging. I would run the HCG simultaneously whenever I notice shrinkage. Thanks for the question


Honestly it`s all personal preference I dont use hcg I m on trt for ever so just bot worried about it. 200mg split tren is a great tren dosage along with the test you could just continue the hcg at 500iu twice one wee and once the next week. But it`s really up to you. Hope this helps


I never liked the idea of sending two different messages to the body, by taking test and hcg together. If you want you can do 250iu twice a week, through out your cylce. If I were you I would just wait until after your 10 week blast then throw in the hcg 250iu twice a week for two weeks after your last shot of test. It will help recover your testicles pretty fast.

Barry Gibson

Use 250 to 500mcg hcg thrice weekly depending on how bad you need it, it`ll start things up.

Ok, so if I want to break down this 5000 to 250 doses should I use a 3cc or 1cc insulin syringe? And do I need to get a vile to store it in? Is that how folks do it when it comes in an ampule?



Use 1cc insulin syringe via subq. You wont feel a thing. I do suggest how ever to get the vial version as it makes things so damn simple especially when storing in refrigerator. The reason I say this because once in a while amps break bad, well depends how good is the glass. I also suggest getting an amp opener if you will stick to the amps. Good luck.

Dr Scott

Def get some insulin syringes, tough to draw up 250iu in a 3cc syringe, plus for sub q injection its just easier. Why not go with chorion 5,000 iu multi dose vial or something like that, there are plenty around. The price is the same and you don`t have to fuck with the whole ampule thing. If you stay with ampules you hould think about getting filter needles and addition sterile multidose vials. You need to get an additional sterile vial or keep the open ampule in the fridge for what/ 20 days, naw. use the multidose vial it`s just easier and HCg is hcg, I don`t care about sythetic vs natural for reasons I don`t feel like getting into here.


Insulin syringes for sure. Yes, you will also need a multi-dose vial, and some BAC water (this product may come with just sterile water). Yes, thats how you do it when it comes to ampules (unless you are planning for a single injection).


Insulin pins for sure, also get multi dose vial. As stated above the ampule thing is tough and a pain. Hope this helps.

Zach Linder

I agree with what everyone is saying. If you need to get insulin syringes, go to walmart. 100 pack is only $12.50. I agree with Dr. Scott, consider looking at other available HCG products. Make this easier on yourself and not harder. If you do get an HCG product that comes with an ampule and you are not sure how to open it (trust me, i wasn`t sure either at first), just youtube it. Good luck

patsalos mixalis

Insulin syringes on amazon or eBay also check YouTube for any guides. Man good luck

What is the typical dose to keep them going, not already gone? I`m seeing 5000iu every 5 days and 500iu every 5 days. Seems like a big difference. Also do I need to order insulin pins for this?



5000iu is when people let them shrink and are trying get them back online again after the cycle. To keep them functioning 500-1000iu a week is enough

evan johnson

500-1000iu per week and yes you need to buy insulin pins for injection.


I do 250ius twice a week to keep my balls functioning


on-cycle HCG dose would be 250 UI`s twice a week up to 250 EOD works just fine. To me it`s a complete waste to run HCG during as it wont add any value to your muscle growth. Decades ago I`d run it while on but since have only used it at the end of a cycle. 5000 UI during a cycle every 5 days is way too much. Coming off protocol for a medium cycle would be 750/750/750/750/500/500/500/500 EOD starting a few days before last pin. I`ve shot it IM and sub Q and both works fine. For sub Q yes you need insulin pins


250IU twice per week. Can do monday morning and thursday night.


I found great success with 250iu every three days during the cycle. That’s 500iu a week although I have seen people take a bolus dose which is the larger amount all at once. But for me I will stick to the 250iu E3D

Hello really need help understanding HCG. Would one of these last me for 12-16 weeks if I were to take 250iu twice a week? How exactly would I reconstitute it and how much would 250iu be for one injection? I’m very confused on this. Also what size insulin needle gage and length? What would 250iu be on and insulin syringe? I know this is an ampule and not a vial so how does it stay in the ampule once you break the top off? Sorry if any of my questions sound dumb but I really don’t know much at all about HCG. I still haven’t decided if I will run it the whole time during cycle or just run it the last 3-4 weeks of my cycle. Thanks for any help and advise.


Mike Jones

One kit would last you 10 weeks as it’s 5k iu and you would be using 500 a week, this amp kit is not very suitable for our bb purposes because you will have to transfer the solution to preserve it. I recommend the hcg kits by bharat, they come premixed with 1ml of bac water with a preservative to last a long time, so for 1ml per 5k iu on a 100unit insulin pen 5 units or .05ml would be 250iu so 10 units would be 500iu etc, my pens of choice are 31g 100unit insulin pens


Lots of questions, but I`ll try to answer in order. After you mix Bac water with the solution, it has a shelf life of 28 days, so one vial is good for a month without contamination. If you use 1mL of Bac water, you will have 5000iu, meaning every 10 units would be 500iu…so you`d need to take 5 units to have the desired 250iu. I personally use a 30g slin pin 5/16″ for hcg injections. So ampules are for “one time use”…HOWEVER, order an empty, sterile vial so that you can take the entire solution and inject it into the vial so you can keep using. Using/not using HCG during the cycle is completely your preference. If you`d like to maintain your nuts and fertility, then definitely use it during the course of your cycle (HCG increases estrogen levels tho). I personally incorporate HCG during the last 2 weeks of my cycles, and run for 1-3 weeks after (depending on cycle esters) before starting my PCT. HCG actually aids in helping you recover quicker/easier from cycle. DO NOT mix with your PCT though. Best of luck mate


If you plan on running 500ius a week it’s going to last you about 10weeks. If you run it at 1000ius a week it will only last you 5 weeks.


If you Google “Bacteriostatic Water calculator” they will have a link to a calculator to where you type in the exacts and it breaks it down. You can also watch it on YouTube by typing in “Bac Water reconstitute HCG”.


Mtrain has the right idea brother. I agree with everything about his answer. The only thing I would suggest is buying it in a vial instead of an ampule, that way you don`t have to transfer it.

I’ve been told on a few different questions I had on here about HCG but I’m not very familiar with it. Is it best used while actually on cycle or at the end about last 2-4 weeks of cycle? Also what dose and how many times a week for how long? Also need help translating how many iu’s to take in a cc syringe? Appreciate any feedback I am really considering HCG hopefully it will help better keep my gains and size during pct.


evan johnson

It is best used the last 2-4 weeks of your cycle as you mentioned injected 2x per week at 500iu


Different people use HCG in different manners, but to keep your system up and running and aid in recovery, USE HCG THE ENTIRE CYCLE START TO FINISH AT 25O IU TWICE PER WEEK. The concentration and amount that you inject depends on the volume of BAC water than you use to reconsistue the powder into active HCT. For example if you reconsitute 2500iu of power with 1 ML of water, than each 1/10th of a ML = 250iu. Its as simple as doing the math. Tons of youtube videos on this if you are still confused.


You can either use it as a maintenance(250iu twice a week) for your balls to stay up or let them shrink and wake them up after the cycle with high doses(2000iu/week for 3 weeks)


As previously mentioned you can use it either during or at the end of a cycle. I think most people are now leaning towards using it throughout cycle at 250iu twice a week. It is not given via a 1mL syringe. You need to take via a insulin syringe and calculate the iu after reconstitution. There are calculators on the line that you can put the formula in to get the correct dosing. Every one is different some come in 5000, 6000, or 10,000iu vials so it just depends what you order.

Mike Jones

The best protocol is to use it the duration of the cycle to avoid shutdown, because it’s easier to keep your boys running than it is to have to restart them, 250iu twice a week should be sufficient to keep your HTPA functioning on cycle and help speed up recovery after you cycle off


By taking HCG like mentioned you allow your testies to continue to work at normal functions. That`s if you take it correctly. If you wait to take it until your libido is gone and testies have shrunk you may have an issue getting them back to normal.

Hello 24roids famI need some help how do I register 1500iu in a 1ml syringe, and where do I inject hcg? Thanks!



Depends on how big your insulin syringe is. If it`s a 100iu syringe, you`ll fill the syringe and inject and then fill half way and inject again for 150iu`s. Insulin syringes should have Mark`s on it for the number of iu`s.


Add 1 ml of bac water to the vial, gently roll it on the palm of your hand until dissolved the draw 0. 3cc which equals to 1500iu of HCG.


To answer your first question either answer prior works as for the injection site your stomach if it`s an insulin needle. You pinch together side of your belly button and inject there.


Once you reconstitute this using the solution provided, it will be 500iu per 10 units on you insulin syringe. 30 units will be 1500iu. You can inject HCG anywhere under the skin. Avoid any obvious bad choices like your head or your junk. If you want to avoid the stomach, delts and tris work great.


Mix the water that comes with the hcg it should come out to 1cc of Bac Water so that one cc will equal 5000 so . 3 or a 1/3 of that same syringe will come out to 1500

evan johnson

If you add 1ml of bac water to the vial, . 3 will be 1500iu of hcg. Inject into your stomach fat with an insulin needle.

What size syringe and needle work best and where are the best sites for injection?


evan johnson

Use 1 ml insulin syringes for injections


Any of your standard insulin syringes will get the job done. The best sites for injecting HCG are typically found 1 to 3 inches off to either side of the bellybutton.

Mike Jones

Hcg should be injected subcutaneously and should be injected by an insulin needle 29-31g all work fine

once its reconstituted, how long does it stay good in the fridge?


Mike Jones

If you dose it out in slin pins then freeze it months, if not a few weeks tops.


HCG when reconstituted in bacterostatic water has a shelf life of 28 days. It`s not necessary, but cover the vial with foil to protect it from light and store it in a temperature stable area of the fridge

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