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Undercover`s Lean Mass Program

Is there a need for an anti estrogen during this cycle?


Absolutely bro. The stack has testosterone and dbol, two huge players in estrogen production. Lucky for you, is that comes with exemestane. Your AI is covered.


Hey you are good to go with the anti e that comes with the stack. Always keep some on the side for any future cycles as well.

John Smith

Yes, susta converts, but this cycle is pre planned by 24roids and everything is covered including AI which in this case is Exemestane.


The stack provided has you covered. You will absolutely need to use the exemestane as directed as the compounds will raise testosterone and this increase estrogen almost immediately.


Ai would help, such as arimidex.

Mike Jones

Yes, so technically anti estrogens are called aromatase inhibitors, simply because they block the conversion of test to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme, with this cycle you have 2 highly aromatizing compounds as Lav pointed out. Generally it is a rule of thumb if your using any aromatizing compunds you should include an ai even trt protocols require a light dose of ai.
can all the injectables in this stack be given in one injection or do they need to be given separately?

Dale Hudson

Yes you can draw each of the oils in this stack into one syringe and do one shot. Don`t mix water based and oil based products and don`t mix products for IM injections and SQ injections. Hope this helps.

Mike Jones

Yes you can, I don’t believe nan would be water based so there shouldn’t be any water based products in this stack, I would just advise you to split injections cause 2 full cc into a single muscle group might bring a lot of pip that you’ll have to get used to.


Yes you are able to mix these injectables. These are all oil-based products, so no need to seperate your injectable compounds. I have personally used this stack with good results.


It looks like it all adds up to 2.25cc EOD, I commonly by 3cc syringes so you can definitely fit it all in a single syringe but like Mike Jones said you want to split the dose between muscles so you’re not putting a full 2.25cc into a single muscle.


You can. Most do. Its always done like this. Mixing oils will not effect each individual compound, it`s all one and the same whether injected together or separately. Together is quicker and faster. As per injecting 3cc at once, I`ve not ever had problems doing this, but I inject 3cc (slightly more, the syringe fills past 3cc)in thighs. It`s a long muscle and can give a lot of options to rotate one spot from another. Small muscles like delts, calves, bis, forearms etc I inject 1cc only, but use an insulin needle/syringe to do this). Using a fat needle will kill you (pain wise and nerve damage too) if you did it in your arms etc.


Yes you can mix all products in one syringe won`t effect anything acualu it`s perfumed less pins is always a good thing

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