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Anti Aging Half Year Rejuvenation Stack

Do I shoot HGH IM or SubQ?


You will shoot is SubQ just under the skin.. Use an insulin needle 29 to 31 gauge


You can do either route, I prefer subq.


Subq is preferred. Besides it also is easier and more pain free/scar free, and you`ll never hit s nerve doing subq.


Injecting somatotropin into the muscle, it will get way faster into the blood stream through venous capillaries and small vessels.Injecting HGH subcutaneously will have a shorter absorption (same occurs with insulin).However, the main benefit comes from the localized fat loss that Growth Hormone has in adipose tissue. Lipodistrophia is the medical term which characterizes the excessive fat loss in the periumbilical area.This is why you should rotate and chance the spots around your abdominal area.


Hey bud. Sub it! You wont regret it all. Especially the diabetic syringe is best because its smaller without any pain. For IM you`ll need a longer syringe to get ibto the muscle really good. G-Luck


Sub q in the fat just under skin
When do you believe this will be back in stock?


BeachBum,I see you have been using the member Q&A for questions about out of stock items. Your beat bet is to contact 24roids directly about this. 24roidsHelp will Point you in right direction.


Contact 24roids support brotha there the only ones that can answer when an item will be back in stock


My magic 8 ball isn`t responding. But, why not just buy the products individually?


No one on this forum works for 24roids or has insight to product availability. Best to open a ticket with the customer support center and ask the question.


You can buy the exact same compounds here on 24roids from different brands. Hygetropin is HGH and Sustaviron is just a mixed testosterone vial. Grab 6x boxes of HGH blue tops which equals to 3x 200iu kits of hygetropin

Big g

24roids Fam, I`m 39 years old been training for about 20yrs, 6` 210lbs 9% bf, coming off 18 week summer shred program that consisted of First 10wk: Sus350, EQ, Tren E, Var, A`dex, P`viron & T3 Last 8wk: Prop, Mast, Tren A, Var, A`dex, P`viron, T3, Win & Helios. Going into 5wk 24roids PTC stack now, and looking to follow with this. Question is what brand of Enanthate or Cypionate do you recommend and would you suggest in my case 250mg every M&TH? Feeling the last 8wks so hoping to cruise for a bit. Thank you!


Hell of a summer cycle. To your question about what brand. Aster has become my new favorite lab and they are also running a promo on it aswell. Can’t go wrong with SIS(fastest shipping times on 24roids), Geneza and Dragon are also very solid. But all in all, every brand offered here on 24roids is 100% legit and potent gear. Monday and Thursday pin schedule is completely common and recommended with test E and C.


Raw powders usually come from China or India regardless of brand so choose the best priced brand that has current lab tests. 24roids does not sell fakes. As per 500mg total per week is just fine. However, for a cruise the dosage really should be about 250mg but probably not over 300mg per week. Anything over enters the cycle (blast arena).


I like geneza brand, especially when it goes on special its a great deal but it doesnt really matter as brands r legit. If you want alittle faster shipping go with a european brand like SIS. Mon/Thurs is fine. Doesnt matter as long as shots are spread equally throughout the week to keep blood levels stable.


I personally use Dragon and GP the most for my labs of choice. Just personal preference. As previously brought up, they are all using the same Chinese raws.


I like Geneza test e 250. Monday and Thursday is a good pinning schedule. If you are trying to cruise I wouldn’t stay at such a high weekly dose. I would do something like 75-125mg every Monday and Thursday.


Aaster is by fat, imo, the best lab 24roids has to offer. Insane shipping time too. Go with Aaster and cruise at no more than 200mg/week. 200mg/week will almost certainly still put you in the supra physiological range of test tbh.
Does the hgh need to mixed with bacteriostatic water? Where do you inject? In muscle or into fat? What size insulin needle?


You need intramuscular injection, needle depends on your dosages, but i usually go with 2. 5ml syringes and they hsve right needles for me, non painful. Hope, that helped you.


Bac water and muscle. I recommend 29 gauge insulin needles.


Bacteriostatic water is a necessity with HGH. This will be an IM or intramuscular injection. You can go into your deltoid or outer quadricep. I would personally go with as long of an insulin needle you can find but if you only have 5/8″ needles you will need to find a muscle close to the surface of the skin like the quad or deltoid. Your glute will be too deep for an insulin syringe.


Always mix with bacteriostatic water. Do not shake the vial and try your best not to `blast` the mixture, but rather trickle down the side of the vial and then roll to mix. Keep refrigerated. I injected in the abdominal muscles, 1-2ml daily for 9 weeks. It gets tedious. I suggest injecting at the same general time daily, preferably in the morning. You`ll sleep better. . . less `growing` pains so to speak. Amount varies between men and women, dependent on their why, current body composition, age, and desired results.

Mike Jones

Hgh always needs to be mixed with bac water, I prefer to inject subq 1-2in from the belly button, because it is less painful I use 31g 5/16 insulin needle

Muscle Pup

Yes, you’ll have to mix it with bacteriostatic water. I prefer a 5/16th inch 31 gauge syringe. You inject it under your skin.
im 38 should I use this?to keep me healthy and looking young after my bulking cycle or not, any suggestions?

Micheal Ervin

I’m a big fan of running hgh year round with my trt the thing about this is you stated bulking “cycle” meaning you cycle on and off if that’s the case this will be a trt regimen and will proably end up being a life long commitment so keep that I. Mind


This would be a perfect cruise after your bulk if you’re wanting to blast and cruise. If you’re cycling just run the GH to help you keep gains and stay lean between cycles.


This is a nice and safe TRT cycle. Will get you anti-age results for sure. You might want to also purchase some AI just in case. And also some SERMs for PCT just in-case you decide to get off the cruise somewhere in the future.


I would look into HGH brown tops and run it for as long as you can afford it. Good luck


Yes running HGH grey tops and don`t think I will stop. Love the way I feel and look, when ran in conjunction with other gear the results are amazing!!!!!!!


Good stack and you`ll really enjoy it. Gotta decide if you wanna go permanent or not. . . . it is pretty big decision and should be closly considered.
Does this come with the needles/syringes? If not what do I have to purchase?

Mike Jones

No it does not come with syringes. I would recommend getting 23g needles to draw the test and 25g 1in to inject for the gh I personally use 31g insulin needles.
In reference to PCT, would you suggest buying the Basic PCT Stack and starting it immediately after the (24) weeks?

evan johnson

Yes PCT should be started immediately after completion of a cycle and run for 6-10 weeks

Mike Jones

The basic pct stack and some hcg will be perfect to recover, I’d start hcg the last 6-8 weeks of the cycle at 250iu twice a week until completion of the cycle then start the pct immediately after and run 6-8 weeks for a good recovery.

Yuma Jackson

I would give it time for your esters to clear at least a few weeks in my experience, I ran my AI throughout cycle as well as pct, my cycle is much like the anti age stack with hgh but ya let esters clear first so not to bombard your system

BG Expert

The ptc tabs sold on 24roids would be great as a ptc.
With this kit will u need a pct after because of the test? And how much and what would work best?

Mike Jones

If you are not running trt, yes you will need some sort of pct, since 24weeks is such a long run I’d suggest running hcg for the last 8 weeks at 250iu twice a week then as soon as done run clomid and/or nolva for 6-8 weeks and I would suggest running a low dosed ai with the test on this cycle.


With such a long run I would definitely recommend a PCT I believe that clomiphene and nolvadex together dosed at 100/40 for 2wk then 50/20 for 2wk should work. If this doesn`t bring back your natural testosterone levels after taking a blood test I would run another 4wks of clomiphene citrate at 50mg a day.Running for basically 6 months is going to have your natural function shutdown pretty hard so you might want to use hcg 10,000iu kit during the last 10wk injecting 500iu 2x a wk up until you start to run your pct.I would reccomend that if you`re going to choose to run this exact pre made cycle to think about after using this cycle to then go see an endocrinologist or to start a TRT or testosterone replacement therapy regimen.Im not sure of your age but if you`re over 40 I would definitely consider it.When running a y cycle you should definitely get blood work done while on cycle to watch your estrogen levels and other factors associated with your health. I would definitely recommend getting a female hormone panel done to watch all your levels and if needed use an aromatase inhibitor or any other supplementation needed. We can always help you with your questions during your long cycle at ugmuscle.
Getting old and putting the weight on because of decreased energy/drive. Would it be better to start a summer shred first then start this anti aging stack or vice versa? Could you stack a shredder with this anti aging stack?

Mike Jones

You could, but it would be better to just start this stack whenever you can because with the gh your metabolism is gonna go through the roof, especially with the test, you could also throw something on top like some anavar or winstrol but be careful with the winstrol cause it dries out joints and that with gh sides would be pretty painful and then to top it off of you can handle that throw some Clenbuterol in there and you’ll be a fat burning engine. So really it would be better to just run this stack and a shredder at the same time just make sure you watch your test levels and blood pressure


What would the Anavar and clenbuterol dosages be if I add them to the stack? How long can I stack them before going off? Thanks for the help.


You can start one and then do the other or like Mike Jones said you can do both at the same time and you’ll be a fat burning machine. As for your other question Anavar can be 10-20mg a day split dose, and Clenbuterol can be 20-60mcg split dose.


What`s your hormone levels and diet like? I would recommend taking a look at those before taking clen or doing shred cycle.


There is no conflict with doing an anti-aging stack with a shredding or cutting cycle. As long as you have enough muscle mass you can begin cutting. Doing HGH etc as part of anti aging along with cutting us just fine and there is no conflict of interest. Bare in mind however that if you have insufficient muscle mass or would rather have more muscle size than cutting is detrimental. You will just get scrawny because without the raw material in protein and caloric surpluses there is nothing to create more muscle with. Go ahead and cut up so as long as you`re happy with your current muscle mass, but otherwise you must bulk up. Sure you add some fat with muscle but as you lean up the goal is to retain as much muscle so you wind up with more muscle at lower body fat when it`s over and done with. But no, there is no conflict with an anti aging stack whether you are cutting or bulking.


Get your diet and exercise down to a science before starting any gear. I know that’s not what you wanna hear, but steroids and even human growth hormone don’t make you lose weight or body fat to any significant degree . Having said that, they will complement an excellent diet and exercise program very nicely!
250mg of Testosterone per week? Isn`t that a lot?


No it’s not a lot 200 a week for a novice and around 800 for pros

Mike Jones

No it’s not 250 a week is just barely above trt doses. I run 175mg of test E a week for my trt. I would say 300-500 would be beginner and pros take from 500-1000mg a week


No 250mg of testosterone a week is not that high it is just above TRT doses like Mike has stated. And this dose you won’t build a ton of muscle but you will feel higher energy levels, libido and better recovery from everything.


The standard doc prescribed TRT is 100 – 125 a week. what dose is all dependent on what your blood levels are 6 weeks after starting TRT. Anything above “your” trt dose would be considered a blast and to get the most out of it a minimum of 300 mgs per week is needed in my opinion


Not at all. 200mg per week is usually the high end of trt. 200mg per week is replacement level and will do very little. 500mg per week is good for a newbie. Some take 3,000mg testosterone per week. Some take more.


250mg per week is a standard (albiet higher end range) replacement dosage of testosterone under a TRT regiment.

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