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HCG ZyhCG 5000 iu

Hi, i naught a different brand of HCG but it came with the 2ml of BAC water and 5000IU bottle of powder. I just mixed the two. How many units a week should I be taking?



Hey Shelbie, your solution is now 2500iu/mL. If you want to take 250iu twice per week (a good low starting dose) you will want to draw .1mL or the 10 mark on an insulin syringe. This will give you a total of 500iu per week since you are doing 250iu twice per week (say monday and thursday). Thanks for the question


Are you using it for PCT, while on a blast or while on TRT? Dosages are all contingent on what you are using it for. PCT – 750/750/750/750/500/500/500/500 EOD, on cycle Blast – 500 a week, TRT or cruise – 250 a week. Good luck


I would do 250ius twce per week then after 2 weeks bump it up to three times per week.


Pookie completely nailed this one!


You need to take 500 per week split into 250 every 3.5 days to bring your levels back up this should be the first 2 weeks second two weeks bump it up to 750 / week

Barry Gibson

500iu EOD for a few weeks till things stabilize. More or less.

How should I mix this? 2 ml of bac water into the powder, then suck it up and put it into an empty vial and add 3 more ml of bac water. roll it around and put in fridge..?


Big Dogg

Why do you want it so diluted? I dont like working with tiny amounts but this isn`t bad. Put 2ml water on it. That will give you 250iu/0.1ml. 500iu would be 0.2ml. That`s not too bad to draw. Just draw some plain sterile water in the syringe if you need more water. I just pull about 0.2ml air and then tip the syringe needle down so the air pushes the compound in.

John Porco

I would stick with only 2cc`s of Bac water. That way you can use 1 on the insulin syringe to get 250iu`s. It`s easier to measure that way. Yes, transfer to a sterile vile and refrigerate after mixing


I guess that would be fine. It would be really diluted. I`m sure you have a reason for it. You`d get 100ui per .10 ml. In my opinion 2ml back water is fine. 250ui per .10ml.


As the others stated 2ml of water would be bedt


Your plan is fine, but there is no reason to transfer to another vial, just keep it in the original hcg vial.

Barry Gibson

Put 2ml in it. Besides why do you like it so diluted man. Also to be safe check YouTube tutorials.

where can you inject this ?



Subconsciously just under the skin typically into the belly fat about 1-2 inches away from the belly button.


You inject this into your belly fat.


Subcutaneous so an insulin needle is use for this job. Belly is where it is being injected.

Daniel Kostov

I would do dealts of butt but rly anywhere you have a little fat


Hi Joker, you can inject this subcutaneously in the belly fat. Go a few inches away from your belly button and pinch the skin and poke away. You don`t need to go deep. There are instructional videos on youtube if you`d like more clear information. Make sure to get your math conversion right so you are injecting the correct IU. Thanks for the question.


Just under skin in stomach in the top fat layer

This product have to be kept refrigerated even before it`s been reconstituted



How are you. I kept mines refrigerate before and after mix. It is recommended before mix, but it is still ok to keep it in room temperature. The reason I always kept in fridge was due to the rapid temperature changes where I lived at the time which was 1 hour is cold as hell then hot then moist then dry, it was really a pain for me to keep things outside the fridge so I decided to just fridge it. Good luck bud.


Yes, it`s recommended to keep your peptides in the 2-8C temp range even in powder form.

B Rad

Its not an absolute necessity but will definitely extend its stable shelf life and protect it from any possible heat damage, as a general rule of thumb reaction rates double with every 10 C increase so keeping it stored cold is a good idea.

Zach Linder

Like everyone else has stated, I would do so for shelf-life purposes.

Johnny O

It’s not 100% necessary. If you have a temp controlled dark space in your home somewhere, it should be fine inrefridgerated. Remember, it’s not refrigerated when it’s stored or shipped but why chance it if you don’t have to. I keep mine in the fridge taped up so any nosey body guest visiting looking in the fridge can’t see it with out opening the package


It`s ideal to be in the fridge. The shit is going to break down, and it breaks slower in the fridge Does an apple need to be in the fridge? No, but it stays fresh alot longer.

After i finish my cycle of test HGH and Tren mix how many IU`s a day should I take and how long and is this enough to complete that dosing



many will do 1000iu a day for 5 days at the end but others like me take 250iu 3 times a week throughout cycle. It works very fast and does the trick so you may not even need 5000. I just use it continuously so use it til its done.


For the last 4-6 weeks of my usual 12 week cycle I use 250ius-500ius per week. Then at the finish wait 2 weeks until the esters clear to start my normal PCT.


250 IU per 2-3 days, last injection is 4 days before the start of the PCT. Should do it for 4 weeks. 1 of this product should be enough. You don`t need to stop HGH at all for the PCT, just all actual steroids/AAS.


750/750/750/750/500/500/500/500 EOD starting with last pin. Then start PCT. You can take HCG the whole cycle, half the cycle or at the end. Tried it dozens of different ways and really dont get any extra gains pinning HCG the whole time so i just blast at the end 5000 IUs worth…works like a charm!

evan johnson

Take 250iu HCG 2x a week for 6-8 weeks 10 days after your last injection.


Take 250iu twice a week to keep your balls up, that makes your pct much smoother. Then clomid 50mg first two weeks then 25mg another 2 weeks and then wait until your numbers go back to normal before you start another cycle

so does this come with the BAC water? If not where do I get all the ingredients to mix this? I have taken hcg injectible before, just never made my own



This comes with the solution needed for immediate use.


The product description seems to indicate that this comes with “solution” to mix the HCG. Bacteriostatic water and insulin syringes can be purchases easily and cheaply on the internet (amazon, ebay, aliexpress) for about $10 for 30ml of liquid.

Anonymous 4266

bac water is cheap and you can buy online from different websites, i wish 24roids carried it


it comes with 1 cc of bac water if you are fine with 5000iu being dissolved in 1 cc then you don`t need to add any more bac water to it.


If it doesn`t come with bac water then you`ll need to buy that as well as an empty vial to mix the stuff in in case you`re using more bac water than can fit in the vial originally containing the hcg.


It comes with it`s own solution, but it isn`t much, since it is intended for single injection. You need to get a bacteriostatic water in a multi-dose vial. You can find them online, Amazon even has them.

Is this in powder form? I want to buy enough to last 6+ months and not worry about it going bad if it`s already pre mixed.


Mike Jones

Yes this is powder form so and comes with solution to reconstitute, but even with the pre mixed that has a far away expiration date if they are kept cool they should last until then.

Dan Drought

Yes this is powder form. It can be stored for a really long time in that form but once it’s reconstituted with BAC water it will only be good for 2-3 months in the fridge.

Eddie Haul

Once you mix with water it can go up to 3 months in the fridge and about 6+ months if you don’t mix and leave in a cool dry place.


This HCG is not premixed and will come with a vial of sodium chloride to reconstitute it. Since sodium chloride contains no preservatives the product as purchased will not meet your needs. Instead you will need to reconstitute it with bacterostatic water. Bacterostatic water has a preservative element to it that`ll get you a longer shelf life. Even still bac. water is only good for 28 days. I don`t know where the multiple months thing came from. Could you mix with bac. water, keep it around for 6 months and not ever have a problem? Sure. I`ve had people do just that. But you`re not just looking to keep the product from growing bacteria. Part of the preservation effect of the bacterostatic water is to ensure the product is still intact. Meaning that it hasn`t begun to break down and lose it`s potency. 24roids sells HCG in smaller packages. Sounds like purchasing multiple 1000iu or 2500iu packages would be the safest bet.

is this product shipped from europe?is this product shipped from europe?



This product is shipped from Europe.


These ship from wharehouses all over the eu and USA.noatter where shipping starts you are gtg and will get the order.


I believe from Europe and the UK, but occasionally other locations like USA.

patsalos mixalis

eu and usa

Barry Gibson

Seems generally from Europe, however these items can ship from all over too like UK, Asia, etc, I`ve had a couple packages arrive from within the usa.


Yes this is shipped from Europe

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