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100 x 1ml Insulin Syringes

I need to know how long are these darts? Because I use for site injections.


It`s weird that it doesn`t say. If you check the other questions asked about this product someone else already asked about the length and no one knows. Assume it`s 5/16 to 1/2 inch as you probably already know. Everyone upvote, I spend lots of time each day upvoting all comments so we can all get paid. Thanks

Barry Gibson

Mine are 5/16th of an inch. Yours probably are the same, but in either case they won`t be over half an inch being that they are insulin needles.

crazy Dan

It didn`t say in the description. Normally insulin needle/syringes are typically 5/16″ to 1/2″ long and 29g-31g needle diameter. You don`t feel a thing. Good thing about this syringe is it is 1ml and therefore easy to measure out you concentration. Each 10,20,30,etc markings are 0.1ml.

Insulin syringes usually have too skinny a needle to draw and inject oil easily. I`d recommend against it with test cyp. Also the pin is too short to do an IM injection well. It MAY be possible to use them but I`d recommend against it. I get 3ml syringes with a 21 gauge 1.5″ needle from my local pharmacy. It`s about $18 for a box of 100. I use these pins to draw the oil up. I then twist off the luer-lock needle and switch to a 1″ 25 gauge needle which is relatively painless for an IM injection and not “scary” at all. sometimes I use a 5/8″ needle for pinning in my delts, this works well too. the needles themselves, without the syringes usually run $4-5 a box of 100. For the same money it`s easy to get ideal supplies that make pinning simple. Some prefer a longer pin, maybe 1.5″ for a deep IM injection, this is cool too, I get by just fine with one inch. Continue reading 100 x 1ml Insulin Syringes

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NovoPen 4

I have bought the El classico Cutting stack composed of Test Propionate and nandrolone phenylpropionate just wondering if i can use this machine to inject me with ?


Test and Nandrolone that you are going to use are intramuscular injection. THe only way i`ve seen these pens in use are for subcu injections. This pen does not come with ampule. I say just stick with 1ml syringes and 23G needle.


No that pen is for specially designed insulin cartridges only. You will need to get some regular syringes with a different needles. I like to use a 3cc syringe with a 18g needle for drawing up my oil and and a 25g needle for injecting. Best of luck mate.


This pen is for injecting insulin or HGH. Not AAS oils. You`ll need to look at standard syringes or insulin needles for injecting oiled AAS. Continue reading NovoPen 4

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HumaPen Ergo 2

Does this come with a empty cartridge/container to be able to fill and re-use? Or do I have to order the cartridge separately? Please advise, thank you.


Lilly has a tendency to be the “sold separately” company. While inconvenient, it helps better control the potential for user error. In this instance that is exactly the case. The 3ml cartridge as well as the pen needle assembly are both designed to be single use and are both sold separately. In the past 24roids has tossed in some needles when shipping out cartridges. If you order a Lily cartridge from 24roids you`ll have everything you need.


this does not come with an empty cartridge. The cartridges come pre-filled, and are not included.