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Turnibol 10

I have 2 questions: 1. One of my friends is taking some gear and is using some t-booster he purchased from amazon I believe so, do those work the same or what? And 2nd. What would be an alternative test booster oral? Thanks guys


“Natural test boosters” are a complete waste of money, $30-$40 a bottle is a joke considering they don`t do anything. Most of them have tribulus which increase test a little bit and for a week and they also have zinc which is hailed as natural anti estrogen. They simply don`t do anything after a week body figures out whats going on and everything goes back to normal. Test needs to be high for months before it starts working. If this is your first cycle, skip the orals and stick inject able ones. Test p is preferred for the first cycle because it goes in and out of your system quicker. You need to learn about different test esters, how to plan a proper PCT, how much and how to inject before you start. Do your research so you don`t end up crashing a cycle and ending up with no test for few months which is one of the worst feeling any man can have Continue reading Turnibol 10