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Dianabol 20mg

Dianabol 20mg

I have this on hand at the moment and currently into my pct I started 4 weeks ago. I was wondering if 10 mg a day would keep my body from recovering to its natural test levels? My libido and desire for sex is already a little low, so I imagine I haven`t completely rebounded yet. Thoughts on if I should use this?

Mr and Mrs J

If you take dbol you are fucking off your pct. It will tell your balls to stop producing its own natural test again. Pct isn`t a very pleasant thing. Make the best of it as you can.

crazy Dan Expert

yes adding dbol will shut down your natural test and therefore will impede you from recovery to natural test and making your pct a waste of time. This is why you are not feeling great and libido is down, you haven`t recover yet and your test is low! You show worry more on getty your natty back because everyday you are not recovered you are losing your gain. Concentrate on getting your natty everytine you end your cycles and you will feel better especially your sex drive. If you take dbol then might Continue reading Dianabol 20mg