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Dianabol 20mg

Dianabol 20mg

I have this on hand at the moment and currently into my pct I started 4 weeks ago. I was wondering if 10 mg a day would keep my body from recovering to its natural test levels? My libido and desire for sex is already a little low, so I imagine I haven`t completely rebounded yet. Thoughts on if I should use this?

Mr and Mrs J

If you take dbol you are fucking off your pct. It will tell your balls to stop producing its own natural test again. Pct isn`t a very pleasant thing. Make the best of it as you can.

crazy Dan Expert

yes adding dbol will shut down your natural test and therefore will impede you from recovery to natural test and making your pct a waste of time. This is why you are not feeling great and libido is down, you haven`t recover yet and your test is low! You show worry more on getty your natty back because everyday you are not recovered you are losing your gain. Concentrate on getting your natty everytine you end your cycles and you will feel better especially your sex drive. If you take dbol then might as well jump on another cycke friend! But if you do that, your boys will shut down again and your next recovery will be worse! In short, do not take dbol and get your natty back. Next time, add hcg add end of cycle before your pct and you will feel better and keep more of your gain. Good luck buddy! Don`t forget to vote.

Jogger Expert

No bro pct is for getting your body back to normal take nothing, slow and steady is the way to go do the dbol next cycle, good luck

Patriot_1234 Expert

If you`re taking Dbol and PCT at the same time, that`s an old school bridge technique. The Dbol will help keep some gains and the testes will become active again, but you will not recover. People who do that plan on jumping back on soon. If you`re really trying to take a break, just PCT and recover as best you can. Good luck.

I have a question I seen my order went to transit on the 9th and it`s still saying the something what do it means?? It takes this long?


Gotta be patient you will get your gear and you will be happy trust me.


Stop worrying. I`ve ordered shit for 20 years. You have to get to the point to just forget it. Thinking about it everyday will drive you crazy.

Zach Linder Expert

Stop worrying! everyone sotp worrying. There`s nothing you can do, no matter what it`s out of your control. Give it 4 – 5 weeks from the day you ordered before contacting naps help. Good luck

Star Fox

Same boat as you; however, I trust naps will come through it might be a little late that`s all. You could also contact napshelp directly and inquire, they are super fast to reply. Good luck.


On one of my orders it said shipping label created, then the next update was inbound into customs here in the US.

nickname_21 Expert

Every shipment is differnt there s no way of knowing. My last shipment never even said shipped on the tracking number and just showed up one day. And yes it does take this long somtimes longer. If after the 30 day mark you still havnt got item contact naps help

I find this odd I`ve order many times from naps and it always came over seas . When I put the tracking number the original place was shipped from Cali has anyone ever had this happend before ? This is a first for me

Big Jake

I`ve only heard of this happening with HGH but it`s certainly not out of the question. You lucked out, actually.

Dr Scott Expert

Happens frequently, often Hacienda. Usually avoids customs somehow and almost always gets there quicker. sometime it will stay in CA a number of weeks “awaiting a lable” whatever that means but usually gets there within 2-3 weeks just the same. My guess is a warehouse in Cali but just a guess i have no inside info, another of the pure fucking magic things from NAPs that i dont put a lot of thought into but am grateful for just the same. good luck


First time when i hear that a order is shipped from Cali, maybe because of this situation with the virus, maybe in Cali is not so bad the situation.


Yeah my first order said it went from Cali I`ve got here a lot quicker than the ones that went through New York in Chicago so you are lucky

Lucky Expert

I`ve seen it posted a couple times but have never been lucky enough for my stuff not to go through customs


It happens when they get to backed up and the virus crap going on

Do anybody know if I can take this oral dianabol alone? Do I still make my gains? Is it safe if take alone?


No you should always run a base amount of testosterone. You can take a trt amount like 200mg a week if you don’t want to take much.


No, u cant take dianabol alone, u need to take also test, because the dbol will shut down your test production. If u take dbol alone u will not have any gains and if u get some u will lose them after stoping the dbol.


No not recommended. Testosterone is an essential part of any stack. Without it, it`s pretty much just a waste of time and gear.

JD Cycle Expert

You`ll see gains…then your natural test will tank and you`ll lose everything you gained. You need to pin test with any oral to really get results and keep them. Orals alone are a waste.

Dr Scott Expert

Heres the thing, yes these drugs do work synergistically with testosterone body builders have figured this out. but these drugs were all designed to be used alone. Track athletes are not at all interested in the bulk from test, all they ever want is winny, fighters like tbol, halo and cheque drops. baseballers love adderal and winny or anavar. Many old school guys like myself have used these compounds alone and made decent gains because thats all we had. People get confused with the whole shutting down test, guess what else shuts down test… um test. Just do a PCT afterwards like you would any cycle. Again, not a fan of using dbol alone but depends on your goals. If you think thats not true tell the whole east german olympic team that ate dbol for breafast and crushed everyone. Not the best way to go but you can if you want you wont burst into flames. I hate bringing this up because it causes so much controversy


You will still make some gains but not nearly as much if used with test. And you will loose yoir gains quicker most likely.

Do anybody know if test come in a pill form if so what`s the name I heard gotta take test with dbol for base if y`all have input please provide thanks


I have never heard of any test in tab form before.. ever.. and if I ever did or even found out if they ever came out with a tab for test I would never even try it.. guess you may have a thing against pinning?? If so, rethink your jumping into aas… just stay natty.. test is your base for any cycle.. yes, you want to run a test base with dbol and dbol should only be ran for the first 4 to 5 weeks of any cycle.. it is a great jump starter… I don`t even want to say get over your fear of pinning here which this obviously seems like it is.. I will just say stay clear of aas bud… it is all about pinning yourself… it is really no big deal but if you can`t take this sort of thing.. like I said, stay natty..


They do have those tests tosterone pills but there for a really old dudes on super low trt they`re not for running Cycles I`m serious man you need to buy some testosterone ethanate take two injections twice a week 1 ml each dose 2 ml is a week 500 ml per week otherwise you`re going to piss out all your gains

nickname_21 Expert

You can get test in a gel form you rub it on but nothing compares to test cyp or enathate why are you scared on injecting the results will be 10 fold with out it dbol will crash your test and will actually loose gains instead of gain gainz


Look in the Singapore tab. I think they have other foes of test like the deodorant roll on for trt. Never seen pull form

Dan Expert

I am going to say there`s no such thing as testosterone pills and even if there is one it doesn`t work. That said, the reason you take testosterone with other aas is because steroids shut your testes down and they do not produce testosterone. Test is needed to have a balance with the rest of your other hormones including estrogen. This is why everyone tell you to take exogenous test when you take Dbol or any steroids. Just go with the injection. Once you cross over you will not go back so learn how to pin yourself. Good luck!

Will Expert

If you want to run steroids, you need to get used to needles. If not, you will not make any noticible gains and you`re just going to hurt your health.

When are you restocking 20mg Dbol?


This question is better to be asked to Napshelp or just their live support.. you`re asking us here on this forum as if anyone here works with Naps directly… Live support would be your best way to get your answer.


Nobody knows when any of the products will be restocked. Just be patient like the rest of us, I’m sure Naps will be up and running soon.


This is the standing question lately as no one knows for sure. All we can do is keep an eye on things and hope for the best. I placed a rather large hilma order on 1/31 and it has already shipped.

Will Expert

None of the customers in the Q&A section can answer this. You`ll want to check with Naps support on this.

Gearpeace Expert

Asap. Try another lab for now. European

Dan Expert

Everyone is asking the same question buddy! Just wait a week or 2.

Curious as to which liver support people like the most. N2G has been a go to for me, but wanted to hear from others. I have always kept my cycles to test (various esters) and dbol (max of 30mgs) and labs were fine. I dont have enough n2g for the upcoming cycle and I am looking for some Input.


nac, tudca, liv52 are the main ones that you should look into. Also stay away from aspirin and alcohol.


Yeah not sure what’s in N2guard, but I just stick to basic tudca or Nac, you could throw some milk thistle in it’s pretty cheap, its worth it to protect your liver when taking anything hepatoxic.


I`ve been using liver and organ by 5% nutrition with no issues.

Matt Beard

Milk thistle and tudca are the two I used when I tried pro hormones a while back. Have heard good things about n2 guard, mostly from websites selling it though.


Live 52 and milk thistle have been my two that I`ve been using for sometime and seems to be working well. Honestly at times I`ve only used milk thistle and still have had good results. Keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle makes a difference to. Best of luck mate.


I take Liv52 year round. I also take 1500mg of Choline Inositol year round. It`s a necessity especially if you are running orals

Juicenaps great name by the way my phone is old and yes you correct it super slow as well and you are a Grammer guy huh lol hell yeah being on a roid site you have to have been at Harvard man hell yeah how long have you been using the compounds man like what got you in to using them over staying natural ?


As for me speaking of this on a side note, roids with proper training, rest, and nutrition do the most, but i will not digress from stating that more results can be had by taking roids and doing nothing vs doing it correct diet/rest wise and training.

JuiceNaps Expert

Thanks bro, yes unfortunately I can be a bit of a grammar Nazi. It`s mostly just my own frustration that I can`t understand what people are saying so it`s on me. Can`t control others. To answer your question, I hit my genetic limit and did research for about 15 years before getting with my doctors and deciding on an HRT protocol. That`s what I`m on now but I like to add in a few low-dose compounds that doctors in the US can`t prescribe like primo for instance. Good question and I appreciate you moving the conversation forward bro. Lord Drip so hard don`t stand too close mfs might drown off the wave!


Personally once I started on test because of age and things not working like they used to, I thought why not try a little more test. Have always been passionate about exercise and the extra boost really motivated me to up my workouts even more. After doing that for some time and learning about others experience on here I decided to add some decca to my test and the rest is history. Cheers mates.


I just came to come in on this post for two dollars y’all keep talking shit now


Agreed JN. with age and other factors our bodies are not the same. With the TRT it helps but if you were a beast when you were young you want to be a beast now….. I will always run gear but go with time one = time off.


Can we just all get along boys. Lmao!!!! Who cares how someone`s grammar is. Seriously hands on experience is better then any college degree or books can teach you. Gave you ever heard Ronnie Coleman`s grammar. 8 time mr Olympia! Has more education in gear, diet and training then all of us put together. Get the fuck off you horse and respect your brother for who he is.

Lorddrip, very difficult for me to decipher what you are saying. Please consider using some sort of grammar. Sentences. End of sentences. Periods. New sentences. I`m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you rattle off these posts on your phone and don`t even look back. Write it once fast and hit send without looking. The study you are referring to is by By Samuel S. Van De Velde, M.S., Bryant R. Byrd, Jennifer S. Fargo, Christina A. Buchanan, Ph.D., and Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., with Daniel J. Green. It`s about the performance benefits of a sauna suit. This research investigates whether short-term use of sauna suits during training can improve endurance performance by providing a novel means of heat acclimation prior to competition. There were significant improvements in V• O2max, ventilatory threshold, and 5-km heat and temperate time trials in the group that wore the sauna suit. All performance outcomes were unchanged in the control group.


It could be just a misinterpretation of the original question/answer just like I`m assuming.

Trenbologna sandwich

He wasn’t trying to rip you or troll you bro he is just trying to get the right information out there for whoever was thinking about wearing one. He wasn’t trolling you writing his name with his he was just showing that it was an answer to your post. Don’t let yourself get worked up about it this forum is all about spreading information and support for the members of a pretty kickass website. Dr. Scott is a good dude in my books I learn a lot from him. Peace to all my naps bros.


We`re all in this together and all have benefited from various responses on all topics. Group hug and lets get past the suits.


Let`s move forward to give each other advice to get big, train hard and stay healthy. If you want to use a suit, then use one. You`ll figure it out if it`s good or not. Time will tell. Good luck


You could ask as many questions as you would like to. Theres never a bad question at all. Good luck.

Really enjoying naps gear but would love to know how credible they really are and trustworthy I have seen some videos on YouTube and comment about fake gear .. also having a hard time with a payment process of bitcoin what’s the easiest route and is there proof this is a credible website .

evan johnson Expert

Yes Naps is hands down the best there is. Have made countless orders and never received fake gear once. Bitcoin is by far the easiest payment method once you have it set up.


I’ve been using them for 3 years and never had any issues. Even on the rare occasion there is a mix up or a delay. They correct it fast and make sure you get what you ordered. They 100% are amazing.


I’ve made about 9 orders. Every order has came within the shipping estimate and is completely legit gear. I’ve used either LTC or BTC as payment and it went through coinbase, it’s super easy. I’ve ordered through my phone, while at work before aswell, just paid with coinbase app. I won’t get gear anywhere else.

Jimmy Expert

Bitcoin is the easiest way for payments. After you proved your identity and learn your way around coinbase you can just pay online like any other website.

I`ve been on dbol 25 milligrams daly and testosterone enanthate 300 milligrams per week. I`ve been taking these compounds at these doses for 3 weeks exactly and my hematocrit is at 51%, hemoglobin is at 17.3 g/dL, and TCO2 is at 29 mmol/L. Is it normal for levels to be this high after just 3 weeks of using these compounds? I`ve been experiencing symptoms of hypertension

Will Expert

Everyone responds different to AAS. Some people will see no difference after running 4-6 weeks(rare). Others can see small or big changes in bloodwork. It`s very individual based.

Joe Hodgins

What Will said, everyone’s body responds and reacts differently to AAS. One persons body might absorb something and react to it in a week while another persons body might not absorb or react to it for for multiple weeks.

Bradley Ouzts

Your hematocrit and hemoglobin numbers are actually in the normal range….on the high end of the spectrum , but still within normal. CO2 at 29 mm/L is also high normal range. You need to be drinking a minimum of a gallon of water per day. Are you getting enough potassium? Buy some magnesium to help the BP.


The dbol is fast acting n must be causing it. Every drug does different things to different people..the test is just now starting to work..ide cut the dbol and see how you feel cus 300mg test is not going to cause this


Without a doubt everybody reacts very differently. I`m not a doctor but the readings seem on the high end of normal but if they get higher you will need to donate blood and im sure your doctor will contact youbif thst were to get too elevated.


Your hematocrit may be due to higher iron intak . Do you take iron supplements or eat a bunch of green food. High amounts of rare red meat can give higher hematocrit numbers.

Will these make me loose my appetite like anadrol does?


In the past when I have used these I found it did curb my appetite , but when I did eat I could eat like a horse. I have been thinking of ordering these again for a jump start…. Good luck

patsalos mixalis

I lost appetite after 3 weeks but at 50mg, try 10mg 3 times daily and see

nickname_21 Expert

They shouldn`t always start at a lower dosage for a few days and maybe take with just a little bit of foo plenty of water this has a very short half life something like 4 hours or less so the best would be to take it every 4 hours during the day for optimal effect


I never experienced loss of appetite with dbol. I got more migraines and had to stop taking it. Never had any issues with anadrol or superdrol


It may suppress you appetite it very person-to-person I personally never had and issue with apatite even at 50 mgs a day really just depends on you

Mr. T

For some people it does, for me not really. I take 40 clen 4 days on 3 days off and it surprises the feeling of hunger but I can still eat at any time I want.

So I just started a trt at 100 mg’s to start. Also added anavar at 50 mg split twice daily to this. But was thinking I’d like to jump start my program and thought I’d start with diol for about 4 weeks. Then smooth out to anavar. Looking for a slight increase in mass. Any advise or smack on the wrist is welcome.


Need stats to advise…. Height, weight, goals etc….. Have heard a lot of people jumpstarting with Dbol thou.. goodluck


100 mg per week? That’s below maintenance and should be doubled. D-bol is fine, but diet is going to dictate if you bulk or cut.


Starting trt is cool but typically 125 per week would be a starting point. If your gonna try to blast right off the bat you might want to increase your test dose and throw in the dbol. Also dbol is bad on your liver so you may want to take a break between it and Anavar even though Anavar is not the harshest on the liver. After a blast cycle then you would bring the test down and cruise at the 125mg


100mg testosterone is good is and is what most doctors will start you on. I would not bother with the dial.

nickname_21 Expert

Well to be honest if you just started trt at 100mg per week you should just with that alone and get that dialed in. There is plenty of time to add things later. But you need to know how this dosage is gonna be good for you. For example if it is to low you wont notice becuase of the gains you will be making with the added gear. I would go 4 to 6 weeks get blood done and see if you need to add. Might have to uo to 150mg per week you wont know if there is other gear in picture. Dont be in such a hurry you got the first step trt is awsome in my opinion. Once dialed in add in some other stuff here and there. And you would be surprised that low dosages go a long way. Good luck in your journey


Your trt dose should be175 a week. When you decide blasting then do 300 or 500 a week depends this is your first circle or not and add dianabol 40 mg a day during 6 weeks.

I`ve made several attempts to make a purchase. Bitcoin and money gram. Money gram told me they can not send to Odessa Ukraine. It`s on there No Send list. I live in the U.S dose anyone know around this. I`ve tried bitcoin and litecoin No luck


Did you physically go to a MoneyGram location or did you try and do it online? I`ve sent 12 orders to Odessa from a CVS here on the east coast of the USA. The last one was 3 months ago. I know doing it online with a credit card usually leads to people getting denied. Try going to an actual MoneyGram location and using their Kiosk, and then give cash to the cashier. And I would keep the purchase under 500, and make sure to casually mention that the money is going to a family member. Good luck, and keep us posted. You can also contact Napshelp and ask them for a different location because I`ve sent money to Moldova a few times.

Dr Scott Expert

clearly you are doing something wrong, bitcoin and money gram are in no way related and I just used bitcoin this morning to make a small purchase on this site. Ocassionally the senders get on a watch list i`ve had this occur on other websites and naps and precisely why i stopped using MG or WU. Bitcoin is so much easier, and unless there is a glitch in the system that occurred since this morning, which i doubt. Double check what you are doing with bitcoin. Bitcoin and MG are 2 different companies and two different currencies. no reason for them both not to work, unless like I said a glitch in NAPs but it worked this AM


I just used Money gram less than a month ago to makr a purchase, and I sent it to Ukraine. I also did it at a cvs Money gram, so my advice would be try to find a cvs and try there and see if it works, I didnt have any problems. Just make sure you answer the questions correctly. Sending to a friend that you know… Not business transaction… Best of luck bud


Money gram I can believe but not litecoin or bitcoin transactions. Absolutely possible. Narco can use crypto and they are in the most wanted list! Because crypto does not have a physical location. You should check the way you pay with bitecoin/litecoin. If you checkout from Naps you should have an address to send crypto coin to. Then from Coinbase apps you should be able to send your coins to Naps address. Do you have a CB acvount and have coins in your wallets like litecoin or bitecoin? Or you have purchase crypto coins and it is being process and you need to wait 6 days before your bank account cleared? Let us know what you did and we will try to help. For me it takes less than 2 hours from putting gears in my cart to get marked Paid status using litecoin. This include buying the crypto coins on CB.


I just made my first purchase on here a couple weeks ago. When attempting to use Money Gram (Online) my purchase was denied. After reading through this website a lot of people recommended Bitcoin. I had to do a little research on how to use Bitcoin but once I did this, it was ver easy and simple to use. There are plenty of Apps you can use for Bitcoin but I found the Uphold App to be easier for me. Hope this helps!

Tony Stark

I use Coinbase with no problems. Transactions are fast and simple.

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