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Does Fluoxymesterone/Halo help in the growth of your penis size?


No its not going to add length, possibly a litttle gatyer from more blood flow, but its not going to increase the size of your penis

Gearpeace Expert

Many compounds can help with libido so in that sense having a stronger erection does make your penis bigger. Test with Proviron 50mg/day makes me very horny. Old ladies at church start looking good lol. But as far as actual penile tissue growth, I don`t believe so.


Unfortunately not my friend I don`t believe there`s any products that actually grow the penis

Heynow Expert

Sorry bro no anabolics is going to grow your junk. Guess you`re just stuck with a small pecker unfortunately

JB205 Expert

Sorry bro, no gear will help or any meds out for this, unfortunately lol. I have noticed when taking test or tren and EQ you get a fuller hard on which seems to make it look fuller.

patsalos mixalis

No bro where did you here that. Better blood flow will make it harder though. For libido proviron test is good.

This is a response to my last question, I was only asking on the efficacy on this particular brand of halo. I’m not a beginner and I’ve ran different brands of Halo pre contest 2 weeks out. I was just asking if AP halo is legit or not.

Joe Hodgins

While I have not tried alpha Pharmas halo, I have tried many of their orals as well as arimidex, clen & clomid and they were all of great quality. I don’t think your going to find many guys who have tried their halo because it’s not super popular and alpha is fairly new. That being said, I do know somebody in my gym who doesn’t belong to the naps community who recently took halo from alpha and they said it was just as good as the few other brands they’ve tried (don’t remember what those brands were) but like I said, everything I’ve tried from alpha was great and I actually got more stuff on the way from them


Yes alpha pharma products are legit havnt used the halo but I have used many otheralpha products all very good products some even have 3rf part labs

Kane Expert

Haven`t used their halo but I used their test c and letrozole in my last cycle and they were good to go. The reviews are all positive on all their products too. Their halo should work as advertised


Alpha Pharma is top notch underground lab. They’ve been around for a long time and I’ve been using for quite some time. Best part all Alpha come with a scratch off verification code to verify it’s not counterfeit

omeed haji

They sell directly to black market bro. It`s very high quality GMP made gear sold on the black market.

Zach Linder Expert

AP is legit man, no worries for any pharma on here

Has anyone tried this particular brand of Halo? If so what was your experience on it

anon5_uk Expert

This brand is one of the very few that actually blister pack their orals, and ampule pack their injectables. Just that alone may give you some hints they may be of above average quality.

omeed haji

hello . halotestin Fluoxymesterone is very strong fat burn and cutting pills and is very very strong this is not for biggenner ppl . halo is gonna make u dry but if u not to fat


My friend is on it now, loves it, said that it is very powerful, but so far so good. No sides

Zach Linder Expert

Halo does not make you burn fat, NO AAS MAKES YOU BURN FAT, I have no idea why that gets tossed into these threads. Personally I view halo as a waste with diminishing returns…side effect hell on your liver. This pharmacy is very reputable, it’s your call if you want those temporary strength gains that you won’t keep. Good luck


It would be good if you told us about your needs and goals that way we could recommend it or not. But several of friends i know like it. They saw good results on cutting. Good luck bud.


Halo is very harsh on the liver, you don`t state if you`re a beginner or not and what your goals are. Halo seems good if you`re already low body fat and to strengthen you up without adding weight. Some claim the aggression is extremely high on it more so than tren itself.

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