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Arimidex (Astra Zeneca)

I`m Okay so I`m about to start a cycle:superdol 20mg weeks 1-5Test C 500mg weekly weeks 1-16Equipoise 500mg weeks 1-14Rad 140 (sarm) weeks 5-15 to tighten up for my competition.i didn`t want to stack another steroid on top of everything else so I chose a sarm.also will be running raloxifene for very very slight gyno So question is —i want to run an AI. Arimidex or Aromasin or maybe Letro (clueless) but when would I start the AI whenever the TEST c starts to aromitize? Would that be like weeks 2 or 3? And how much would I take. I just don`t want the AI in my bloodstream before the Test hits and then I`m fucking lowering my “good estro”… any advice?this is also my 4th cycle


Do not start an AI until you begin to notice estrogen related side effects. Arimidex is sufficient for this cycle. When/if you start noticing sides begin with .5 rod. Also rad-140 is liver toxic and will absolutely increase liver values especially with parallel use of other oral anabolic orals. I would highly recommend against running rad with superdrol. You only got 1 liver. Hope this helps. Good luck!


The first question to ask, is how did you do on you previous cycles? Usually after a couple cycles we can start to judge for ourselves when you`ll need an AI, or if you`ll need one at all. Definitely wait till week 3, with test cyp. Ise Arimidex as it`s the easiest on the system and won`t shut you down completely. Letro is more for gyno issues. After week 3 if you start to feel like your nipples are puffy or itchy, you start to retain to much water, or libido doesn`t seem to be what it was then take 1/2 a tab every 3rd day as needed. Meaning don`t take if symptoms subside. Hope this helps. Best of luck. Continue reading Arimidex (Astra Zeneca)