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Brand Cabaser 1 mg (Pfizer)

How long does it take to start feeling the effects of Cabergoline?


Within 3 hrs of administration it takes effect and begins lowering the amount of prolactin in your body.


Is a .25 2 times a week good?

JD Cycle

You won`t necessarily “feel” the effects of the caber as much as you`ll start to feel less of the prolactin sides. If will reduce the issues you`re having and should start within a few hours, but as for “feeling” caber, you really wont.


Works very quickly within hours.


How much should you take?


.25 twice a week caber is strong stuff dont over due it access from there hope this helps dont forget to vote! Continue reading Brand Cabaser 1 mg (Pfizer)

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Bitiron T3 and T4 Mix (12.5mcg/50mcg)

I know the diet is the main aspect in cutting up. Sometimes I feel low energy or maybe I`m overdoing it and wind up cheating. It throws me off. I need tips and advice. Do I just diet and diet until I reach my goal and forget about losing muscle because the steroids will preserve them? Can I add t3 or anything else to speed up the progress? Do I increase cardio? I need a solid 20lbs fat loss to cut up. I`m 6ft 1 and 205lbs but look pretty big, I think it`s more to do with muscle shape and proportion, I appear like maybe 240lbs big arms (they only measure over 16″ but look like 19″ somehow, the shape and peak etc). I mean I just don`t wanna get skinny looking, I almost feel I can get to 180lbs very cut at 6ft 1 tall and look like a solid 215lb to 220lb guy. But I`m scared. I don`t wanna look skinny guys, I certainly don`t want that typical basket ball player look etc obviously. I would appreciate any and all tips and advice. Do I just say the hell with it and diet down plus cardio lifting heavy taking my roids eating a gram of protein per pound of body weight and see what happens??


I do high protein high carbs…. i need the carbs for energy but I get it from rice….eat a low fat diet to make your body use your old fat as fuel . I say diet loosley… it`s more of a life change I no longer diet… depends on how far you want to take this… As far as energy levels man buy a fitbit and keep track of your calories . That will tell you everything you need to know…. I keep an eye on what I`m burning and what I`m consuming…. depending on cut or bulk will depend if I maintain a caloric deficit or bulk consume more than what I burn. That is a science I used for weight/fat loss… You can eat all day long as long as you eat the right foods. Your diet is everything. depending on what aas your using. some will preserve lean muscle mass like say tren. Its One of my favorites you can use it to cut or bulk…. Continue reading Bitiron T3 and T4 Mix (12.5mcg/50mcg)

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Aromasin (Pfizer)

Thanks in advance. If I am running 500 test cyp weekly, along with winstrol and HGH, what would be a proper dosage for this as an AI….I know it varies from person to person but everything I read says different things. I am looking at a starting point with Aromasin. ED / EOD/ weekly? dosage? Thanks


At 500mg Test a week I say 1/2 pill every 3 days. That is plenty already. Unless you feel puffy nipple or sensitive then 1/2 of a pill every two days.

patsalos mixalis

usually 12.5mg eod but everyone is different, only way to be sure is through bloodwork, take care man

Dr Scott

I don`t use an AI unless i am experiencing sides, and even then only if those sides are gyno or HTN. Gyno is typically permanent and well, excessively high blood pressure can kill you even in the short term. Other estro related sides like bloating, goes away and it`s hard for me to tell on myself looking in the mirror. These drugs all have side effects themselves and while they don`t necessarily work against your gear they certainly don`t help you grow or get strong. All that being said i start arimidex 0.5mg every third day and increase from there if no relief, like you said though everyone is different and i`m sure there is no perfectly correct answer. i start low and go up as i need. Continue reading Aromasin (Pfizer)