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Arimidex (Astra Zeneca)

I`m Okay so I`m about to start a cycle:superdol 20mg weeks 1-5Test C 500mg weekly weeks 1-16Equipoise 500mg weeks 1-14Rad 140 (sarm) weeks 5-15 to tighten up for my competition.i didn`t want to stack another steroid on top of everything else so I chose a sarm.also will be running raloxifene for very very slight gyno So question is —i want to run an AI. Arimidex or Aromasin or maybe Letro (clueless) but when would I start the AI whenever the TEST c starts to aromitize? Would that be like weeks 2 or 3? And how much would I take. I just don`t want the AI in my bloodstream before the Test hits and then I`m fucking lowering my “good estro”… any advice?this is also my 4th cycle


Do not start an AI until you begin to notice estrogen related side effects. Arimidex is sufficient for this cycle. When/if you start noticing sides begin with .5 rod. Also rad-140 is liver toxic and will absolutely increase liver values especially with parallel use of other oral anabolic orals. I would highly recommend against running rad with superdrol. You only got 1 liver. Hope this helps. Good luck!


The first question to ask, is how did you do on you previous cycles? Usually after a couple cycles we can start to judge for ourselves when you`ll need an AI, or if you`ll need one at all. Definitely wait till week 3, with test cyp. Ise Arimidex as it`s the easiest on the system and won`t shut you down completely. Letro is more for gyno issues. After week 3 if you start to feel like your nipples are puffy or itchy, you start to retain to much water, or libido doesn`t seem to be what it was then take 1/2 a tab every 3rd day as needed. Meaning don`t take if symptoms subside. Hope this helps. Best of luck.


If you don`t feel or see the symptoms you probably should not use an ai because it isn`t good for your health and it lessens your gains because the body needs a certain balanced amount of estrogen to aid the steroids do their job. I`d say simply to not use it if you don`t need it and use it if you do need it. As for me I never use an ai even on test at 1,000mg weekly plus other compounds. Not everyone gets side effects or even the same side effects. Ancillaries are not the default but meant to be used if they are needed.
Hi guys i started the cycle 1 week ago test e 250 every 5 days and 20 dbol daily I need to add some ai and hcg at this cycle? Thank you


Not necessarily. Personally, I`d have an AI on hand just in case your body is estrogen sensitive and you begin to show signs of excess estrogen buildup, and only then would i begin to use the AI. You can also save the HCG for your PCT, and grab some clomid and you`re good.


Some people will say it`s good to have and only use and AI if your experiencing sides of high estrogen, in my opinion run .5 mgs throughout the entire cycle, I do it and I have never had any issues


Unless you`re experiencing side effects I wouldnt take an AI. I would purchase to have on deck just in case but otherwise hold off. As far as HCG I would start that half way through your cycle and continue it with your PCT.


No you don`t need to. But have your AI ready if sides start to develop. At that low concentration I don`t think you will even need it. Most will not even use AI until Test is at 500mg per week or more. But keep an eye on it.

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it is not necessary at these dosages. hcg will only keep your test shrinking, and ai is only needed when theres a high level or arom.


this is a very mild cycle and neither are neccesary.
Anyone else have trouble sleeping when taking Arimidix?, even at 1/4 mg every other day it affects my sleep. I tried cutting the 1/4 pieces in half but they are so tiny it didn`t work so well. I`ve got some GH on the way hopefully that will do the trick for better sleep. Appreciate any feedback.


Arimidex only helps lower estrogen. I`ve never in my years heard of trouble sleeping with an AI. What else are you taking? What`s your nightly routine before bed? Room temp of your room?


Nope, no trouble sleeping. Lowering the dose is a good idea. It`s easy to start blaming new compounds for any change in functioning when in reality it could be due to so many different factors.

.50 caliber

see your dr ask for some trazadone or seraquel, might be a simple fix


Ive never heard of that happening to anyone but ya never know everyone is different


Ai is an estrogen blocker, it will not promote sleep from anything I`ve ever heard. Try melatonin or some sleep aid. Don`t overdo sleeping pills, they really can be dangerous.


No I`ve never heard of it troubling sleep. But everyone has their own experience i guess.
Would this be one of the best antiestrogen regimens to use for testosterone cypionate? I want to lessen my chances of gyno. Would 1 pill per day take care of what I would need?


It depends on how much test you are taking, but .5mgs every other day should be enough, with a moderate dose of test a week.

Mike Jones

.5 mg every day will be optimal to kelp estrogen levels down and avoid any side effects, the half like for adex is 24 hours so you want to be sure to take at least .5 ed so you don’t have any aromatization.


Good question! So often people just want to know what will work. Wanting the best is another story. In my opinion, Aromasin is a far superior product for estrogen control. It has been shown to improve lipid levels, and unlike with Arimidex there`s no estrogen rebound. As far as how to take either one, Arimidex or Aromasin, you`ll want to use the minimally effective dose. A lot of people find that .5mg of Arimidex every day or every couple of days, or 12.5mg Aromasin every day or every other day works. Good luck! Stay healthy and keep learning
I’m running my first cycle of Sust 250 only(starter). Is 2-3 weeks into my cycle a good time to start Arimidex?(at 1mg daily) and should I run this till my last pin or till till I start PCT (Nolva2-3wks after last pin)?


1 mg a day is way to hi to start with especially if you hit seeing any sides personaly I dint recommend taking it unless you start to feel sides or better yet get your blood work done and see where your estrogen is before you start taking even when needed. 5 mgs every other days is usaly enough


Many people will say to only use adex when you get side effects. They will say to start when you get itchy nipples, high blood pressure, and/or water retention. I do not agree with that. I say most all people will have high estrogen when going over 200mg of testosterone per week and will have side effects whether they realize it or not. That is my opinion and I think you should start adex at low dose right now. Start with .5 mg every 3.5 days, and adjust as needed.


1 mg daily is too much anonymous response is correct .5 every otjer day is more than enough at that amount of test for most people.


Yes that`s a good time to start it but I would go with .5mgs eod. And yes stop it after you last injection you don`t want to take arimidex and novadex at the same time.


Start low with the adex and work up slowly if needed. I try to use it as little as possible and only when I notice sides.


To much arim. And it depends on your dose. Just an example. At 500mg sust you should only be at .5 arim eod. Don’t ever take clomid or nova during a cycle. It’s called pct because it’s post cycle for a reason. Bro please do some research before you start poking your self and swallowing pills. Be safe this is not a game

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