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Oxa-Max (Oxandrolone)

I have been trying to get bitcoin set up but have been unsuccessful… I found Maxtreme online ordering but not thru Napsgear… Has anyone used that form of ordering before? Was it ligit? They also have Dragon Pharma on their website. I`m interested in ordering Anavar and Clen. Thanks for any advice.


Try to figure out the crypto paying method. It confusing at first but once you get it it so easy! Download Coinbase. Link bank Debit card with your CB acvount. Capture driver license and upload to CB. This will get you acvount Level 3. Buying bitecoin or litecoin is instant instead of waiting 22 days with bank payment. From Naps checkout to buying enough litecoin to pay Naps takes less than 2 hours. As for other sites I haven`t because all my gears come from Naps. Fast. Reliable and quality. No need to go anywhere else. Continue reading Oxa-Max (Oxandrolone)