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Oxa-Max (Oxandrolone)

I have been trying to get bitcoin set up but have been unsuccessful… I found Maxtreme online ordering but not thru Napsgear… Has anyone used that form of ordering before? Was it ligit? They also have Dragon Pharma on their website. I`m interested in ordering Anavar and Clen. Thanks for any advice.


Try to figure out the crypto paying method. It confusing at first but once you get it it so easy! Download Coinbase. Link bank Debit card with your CB acvount. Capture driver license and upload to CB. This will get you acvount Level 3. Buying bitecoin or litecoin is instant instead of waiting 22 days with bank payment. From Naps checkout to buying enough litecoin to pay Naps takes less than 2 hours. As for other sites I haven`t because all my gears come from Naps. Fast. Reliable and quality. No need to go anywhere else.


You can go on Youtube and it shows step by step as to how to set it up… It is confusing like the other bro said.. I tried at first and got pissed after and hr and about threw my computer across the room LOL but I mainly do MG and Im happy with it.. Maybe some day I`ll actually take the time to figure it out ha ha but its legit…. I have one other source that I have used that I trust but only cause they had a killer deal going on other then Naps Ive been coming to them for last 4 years.. They are a one stop shop so really no need to go anywhere else.. Plus they`ve always come through


Recommend ALWAYS going thru NAPS! They screen out fake products and have a “resend” guarantee if your product gets snagged in customs. I use the UPHOLD app for bit or litecoin which in my opinion works a ton better than coinbase and other popular apps.


There is so any sites that sell fake gear man you cash app or coinbase to get the bitcoin and just stick with naps your guaranteed to get to notch gear and guaranteed to receive it.


There`s plenty of bogus sites out there just trying to get some money. Be patient with the bitcoin. Use Coinbase. It takes a while to set up and get used to it but it`s worth it. Stick with Naps. You are guaranteed to receive your gear and it`s all 100% legit. They let us talk back and forth and I`ve only seen a few bad reviews from customers on here out of all the posts/questions I read but never that anyone has gotten ripped off with bogus gear. Patience is key when your doing this bc you are putting this stuff into your body and there`s no going back. I wish you luck with your cycle


Download Coinbase app, purchase either bitcoin or lite coin in the amount you need. Go to naps and place your order and check out with either bit coin or lite coin. Copy the link they give you, go back to Coinbase wallet and open either lite or bit coin, click on the wallet for that coin and in the top right hand corner is a little arrow, click that. It`s the link to send that coin, paste the link you copied from naps and hit send. You have about 15 mins before that link from naps expires. Once it`s sent it`s just a waiting game, could go through in 15 mins could be a hour or 2.

Has anyone compared Anavar with a different brand? Is Maxtreme as good as Dragon Pharma? If not, what`s difference?

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It`s just a different manufacturer from a different lab. Each manufacturer the naps selects is of high quality. Some products have lab test results to show quality but i have never had an issue with any products. Good luck


Anavar is same chemical makeup.. so in reality 99% of them will be the same in which like the other bro said its just a different manufacture.. Only real difference would be the batchs as they can very by a few micro grams but nothing to do jumping jacks over.. Besides Naps stocks quality companies so.. Your good to go


I tried 4 different brands and personally tested on DP`s. Havent tried Maxtreme. I can say that DP`s is super amazing and is a stronger than others. I`m weigh alot and only use 25 mgs a day preworkout for 8 weeks at a time and that`s more than enough for me. Massive pumps and fullness pretty much all day long and strength gains are always incredible So basically all 4 worked good but i prefer DP and normally stock up when it`s product of the week…by far my most fav oral out of all of them.


Anavar is anavar at the end of the day but I would say dragons var maybe more accurately doses that maxtreme.


I am true blue Drahon Pharma all the way. I`ve tried Maxtreme Anavar and I have complaints. Got really lean and vascular for it but I have to pick Dragon each and e wry time. I think the consistency of the quality plus price can`t be beat


Regardless of brand all napsgear items are quality checked and good to go.

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