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Has anyone used this b4?..and if so is it any good?..I am looking to use this but looking for the best lab here..I have used GP testosterone b4 but never there orals..any ideas thanks

fabio Cabral

I`ve used it, 5 tablets a day 50mg, extreme cut, gain a lot of muscular endurance. I advise anyone!


I have used this lab cycle after cycle. It is definitely my go to for orals and it’s tren ace has always been the best of the best. I combined their 50mg version of this product with anavar from the same lab, as well as tren ace and it was by far my most shredded most vascular look in my entire life. This lab has time and time again never failed me. I believe their products are most definitely dosed properly from my personal experience. Now you don’t need to go this hard compound wise, a simple testosterone base with this compound at 50-80mg daily would be sufficient. If you are trying to compete or are planning for a vacation ect. Then I suggest test/tren/mast/anavar/winstrol.

TB40 Expert

Stanozolol / Winstrol is a fantastic compound that give modest but good lean gains. This works really well with a standard testosterone cycle / base of 500 mg per week. The only drawbacks to stanozolol is that it`s sometimes hard on the joints, so be sure to take fish oil or a joint care supplement while on cycle. I wouldn`t get caught up on the “best lab” idea, everything on this site is excellent quality and potency, the pricier products are usually just fancier packaging.

David France

From my experience with them there g2g most labs use 50mg but I find 10mg doses very strong !

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