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Oxymetholone 50 mg

I was doing some reading last night and seen tests of people split dosing this as a measure to possibly lower sides now everybody is diffrent and they had however many patients take the whole dose while other half split the 50 a couple would split in halfs to 25mg and then the other patients split it 4 ways and essentially mircodose throughout the day these are hiv patients need I mind you it was just interesting that the guys taking the lower half doses actually had better results some had little to no side effects at all which is great considering how insanely toxic anadrol is to kidneys liver just a thought if one took this at low doses not saying it would save you from sides all together but still have the same result like I said im not saying I`m doing this nor telling others to do so just a thought if it could be possibly beneficial without so many compounds in the body and stack with test e test c in-between shots


Good info bro, I`ll def try out the micro dosing next time I run some a bombs. I`ll post my experience


it is interesting reading stuff like this, because it makes sense since your body does not have to work as hard to synthesize 12.5mg at once vs 50mg at once. Plus it keeps everything in your body stable and level because you would be dosing 12.5mg every 6 hours. the only way to actually find out is to try it. i dont see any problem with trying, i mean that is the game we play injecting and orally taking drugs. our bodies all act and react different, so what works for me could not work for you, it is all trial and error


Thank you kindly for the interesting info, as I will do some further reading myself now. I appreciate your contribution. Good read!

Md. Phd

Injectable is the only way to run Oxy(the most liver toxic). You can research making your own or buy it for a bit more. Making it yourself is incredibly easy and cost effective. Another option is Oxy & suspension injection 1-2hrs pre workout. Keep asking questions

Will Expert

I`m a fan of splitting the dose if uts a higher dose.  If its 50mg, I`ll usually stick with that pre workout.  If I build up to 100mg, I split the dose.  It does help with sides and headaches.  I`ve also seen taking prebed if it doesn`t amp you up can help, especially because that`s while your body is recovering that its active in your system.  I do that with superdrol.

Johnny Longsockz

I`ll have to try microdose and see how I do thanks for the info

Anyone use gen shi labs? I got 4 boxes of anadrol in a order and I can`t seem to find it on here.


I believe that`s a lab that was on 24roids for a while I thought they came back recently but either way they have top notch products brother good luck.


Read a little about them.. they seem legit. They also have. FB page, check it out.


Used to be on here. Sounds like 24roids is dumping inventory as several guys have reported receiving bonus gear. Keeping my fingers crossed they throw some my way in this latest order


Oh yes. I`ve used them many times for stuff. They`ve been around for years and everything is legit. No worries Mate. 24roids won`t send you any fake or low quality


Theyha eneen vendor on Here for lo g the then just recently moved offthwt site they are gtg for sure

John Willis

Yeah a bunch of people have been getting extra stuff from gen shi labs along with some other.  Just your lucky day man. Enjoy

Can these be broken in half? Or are they not evenly dispersed in the pill so breaking in half wouldn’t be 25/25 but random? Was wanting to do 25 mg.

ltl trucker

25mg of anadrol is a typical daily dose for those who are new to the steroid or to bodybuilding in general. Because their body isn’t used to taking such a harsh compound it’s important to ease yourself in slowly and not take too much too soon as a newbie. Once your body starts to get used to this steroid, you can then up your dose if you’re still in good health. This will result in bigger gains. If you’re bodies not reacting well to anadrol on 50mg, don’t up your dose. Instead keep your dose and cycles short until your body responds to it better. It’s important to remember that anadrol is a very toxic steroid and shouldn’t be taken nonchalantly. Consuming anything greater than 100mg of A-drol per day is extreme and the chances of developing serious side effects goes up significantly. It’s our recommendation that you never overdose or abuse steroids, as this can often be fatal if done for too long.

Mike Jones Expert

Dragon tabs come pre scored for easy half dosing, I’ve never personally had misdosed products by dragon so I would assume this will be accurate as well


Yeah start with 25mg and work your way up as the body gets used to it. As stated above do not exceed 100mg a day or risk bad sides.

Will Expert

Dragon pills have the perforation that you just need a sharp knife to place on the indent and push down to split the tab. Dosage should be even as long as you split the tab properly. Anadrol is a good compound to increase by 25mg with each increase.


Honestly no pill will be perfectly evenly dosed or even close. Just break in half. As long as you follow the same scheme in the end you`ll get a similar dosing. I`m not giving professional advice but even pharmaceutical grade medications are NOT perfect on a molecular level. They are always a bit over or under dosed. It should leave no impact. Again not professional advice. Just my opinion. Just apply common sense that`s all.


Yes you can 100% break the pills in half so you can take less half 50mgs at a time. There are a couple of labs that have a score in the middle of the pill to make breaking then very simple.

If I`m on a TRT (500mg Test C per week) and start a cycle of Oxymetholon, will I need a PCT? I don`t ever stop the Test since it`s a TRT. Thanks in advance!

Vincent Valentine Expert

First of all, 500mg of testosterone cypionate is an enormous dose for TRT. The purpose of TRT is to keep testosterone levels within normal ranges, which is typically anywhere from 250-1100, and if you`re taking 500mg of test a week then you`re either well exceeding normal ranges or the quality of the testosterone cypionate you`re currently taking is questionable. I highly recommend getting bloodwork done to assess your testosterone levels to ensure they`re within normal ranges, as supraphysiological doses of testosterone defeat the purpose of TRT. To answer your question, no, you won`t need a PCT after your cycle of oxymetholone. The point of PCT is to help the body regain it`s natural ability to produce testosterone, and since you`re currently on TRT – and don`t plan to cease TRT after your cycle has ended – there`s no need for your body to regain that ability post-cycle and thus no need for PCT. On a side note, I`d keep the cycle of oxymetholone between 4-6 weeks long due to the stress it can cause on the liver. Doses of 50mg-150mg twice a day are optimal. And be sure to take a liver support supplement (like milk thistle) while on cycle to ensure your liver is healthy!


500 mg per week for doc prescribed TRT is really high. Anyway no need for PCT if on TRT. Purpose of TRT is to get your natural test going again after a cycle and this would be not needed since your are still on exogenous test.

Greg Landes

PCT is for guys that are coming off androgens. since you’re on TRT, no PCT is needed. Keep cycle of oxymetholone short as it is a methylated compound and will tax your liver.


TRT is typically 150-200mg/ week but there is not need to do a PCT if youre taking 500mg of test C a week

evan johnson Expert

No you do not need to go on PCT if you are on TRT. HOwever, in most cases TRT is 125mg per week and what you are describing sounds more like blasting and cruising


As stated prior yout TRT is really high, but agree with others no PCT needed. If you are going to to use OXY you will be ok, also like stated above don`t go past 6 weeks and get so milk thistle on hand.

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