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Virigen Testocaps

Dose to take for a 6 to 8 week cycle also would like to stack 2 orals as well … trying this having a hard time inject myself if I have no one to do it for me…
anonymous255 User profile

Not something I would normally suggest but go with 40mg of testocaps and 30mg of anavar daily for six weeks.
Growbygrow User profile

Cycle these?? HaHa is this a joke??You need a insane amount of these to do so called cycle it`s not safe to eat 6 pills at a time twice a day.these are not for what you think..
Anonymous 467 User profile

Bro. Do a little research. Drop these for sure. If you want to do a cycle you have to get over injecting yourself. If you can`t do that you might not be ready to start a cycle. Injecting into quads is super easy. The glute is not too difficult either. Give it a shot man. I even watch some you tube videos back in the day. Good luck man
Will User profile Expert

Learn how to inject yourself or don`t bother with AAS. Yes, that`s a harsh statement, but what`s the point of using orals and putting on mostly gains you`ll lose immediately after your cycle is over? Even Test orals will limit you and Ja m up the toxicity and fuck up your health. Learn to inject your own quad, glutes, and delts. If you cannot handle needles, you have no business running anything.
Dr Scott User profile Expert

Find a chick or someone to inject you, how hard can that be bro, or figure it out it`s really kind of necessary if you make this life choice. This is no cycle you are wasting your money and setting yourself up for failure. Oh for guys having problems with tracking numbers, DHL almost never works for me but if I cut and paste the numbers and use them on a USPS tracking site (even tho DHL comes up first) they often work or sometimes 17track. I then set up the alerts to my iphone and almost always track every order to my door. hope this helps
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Find a chick that will do it for you. If not, learn how yourself. It`s a drag at first but don`t even think about it. Count to three and pop! It`s not difficult. Watch YouTube on how to inject into glutes.

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