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HCG Pregnyl 1500iu (Organon, Turkey)

is this only one injection or three (because it says 1kit) ?
jason harris User profile

This like many hcg brands has the powder in one ampule and the sterile water in another. You need to mix these to gather.. If you were to use the sterile water then it`s one injection of 1500iu. If you were to purchase some bacteriostatic water then you could mix the powder with this and have several injections at a lower IU. Hope this helps.
Dan Drought User profile

500iu in 3 different injections.
Mike Jones User profile Expert

It’s 1 kit of 1 ampules with 1500iu of hcg and 1 ampule of solution either bac water or sterile saline. If you have an empty clean vial and wanted to spread doses reconstitute with 1ml bac water and place the rest In the vial. Every 10 units will be 150iu
J.P. User profile Expert

HCG is typically administered as one injection. This kit is just that, one vial of powdered HCG, one vial of sodium chloride. To use it as a multiple dose product you`ll need to reconstitute, and dilute with bacterostatic water. Bac. water contains a preservative allowing the HCG to have a much longer shelf life without losing its potency or cultivating bacteria. Once reconstituted with bacterostatic water your HCG will then have a shelf life of 28 days. Anything longer is simply bro science that people have gotten away with. Play it safe.
Socaljuicer User profile Expert

Typically you would have to purchase the Bacteriostatic water separately, this “kit” contains both the HCG and the bac water for convenience sake.
N88 User profile

1500 IUs in one kit….if you add more bac you can dilute it down and split dosages a little easier.

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