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ACE-031 1mg (Myostatin inhibitor)

anyone recommend? how long before i see results?
nickname_21 User profile Expert

Your not gonna see results get some testosterone 500mg per week and you will get more results then you ever imagined
JamesEarl User profile Expert

Yes use testosterone as a base but not less than 300mg weekly but prefer like 500mg per week. If you`re cutting adjust your diet accordingly and likewise for bulking. Results take some weeks but it`s individual specific man. Genetics genetics genetics. Some take massive roids for twenty years only to gain say 18lbs solid muscle. Others gain 18lbs in one year and add another 30lbs over the next 10 years you see? A tree in the same soil with the same sunshine and the same rain has fruits and while some have great countenance others hardly at all. Why genetics.
Descartes3101 User profile

I agree on the genetics man it’s soooo true. My body frame is just built to be massive so it’s hard staying under 10% for me. I’ve come to know my body and have experience with varies AAS. I’ve gained lots of mass from my cycles and wanted to experiment with peptides along with my cycles. Continue reading ACE-031 1mg (Myostatin inhibitor)