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HCG Ovidac 2000 iu

Is this product EVER going to be back in stock? It`s been at least a year…


Nobody here knows but there are many other high quality hcg on the site you can choose instead.


You can sign up for 24roids to inform ty when this item comes back in stock.


I don’t think any user on this site is really going to be able to answer this question, But there’s really nothing particularly extraordinary about this product or lab. HCG is widely available and cheaply made, so I would just go with a different lab. Sun Pharma has a really good reputation it is very reasonably price.


The only thing you can do is send a question to 24roids customer rep. They can try to have the vendor restock as soon as possible. Or at least let the vendor know that they have customers waiting on Their product or else the customers might go somewhere else. Sorry my friend. There’s nothing anyone can do. Good luck!!


There are other hcg brands that you could try. If it`s not available on 24roids then it`s available on a bunch of other sites for similar costs.


The best way is open a ticket but I would forget about it and get. New product of equal

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HCG HUCOG 5000 iu

is this a 10ml bottle? Also how well does the premixed HCG work?


No it is 1ml.


Not a fan of premix. I like knowing that it hasn`t been sitting in a hot delivery truck for two weeks.


Thanks sir! Obviously first time running HCG so I`m still new to it all. Okay so let`s say I ordered the 5,000iu (not premixed) how much bact water would I need to add? I`m about to cycle off and will be doing 1,000iu eod for 8 days & then 500iu eod for another 8 days for 16 total days of HCG.


It`s 1ml so you`ll have to cut it with BW. I`m not a huge fan, but it does work. I bought it on accident one time and it serves its purpose. Next time just buy traditional HCG. Good luck bro.


This is 1-2ml and yes I believe this particular hcg is premixed. I`d suggest trying a different pharm and getting one that comes with it needing to be reconstituted.


The mix is 1ml and fits into one G28-G31 insulin syringe labeled 100 on the side. You have 10 shots at 500IU with 5 days min between shots. Greater amounts will elevate your E2 production and AI will not be effective at reducing it`s effect. I agree with Mr. B-trained & Patriot: while labeled with 25C temp rating rHCG & HCG do degrade with temp & time. Good luck Continue reading HCG HUCOG 5000 iu

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HCG HUCOG 2000 iu

Need advice please. I am very confused on how to use the HCG. This will be my first time using it. I will be completing my 12 week cycle. I was told 2 weeks before I complete my cycle so week 11 start my HCG. Some are saying 250iu twice a week and some are saying 500iu twice a week, so which is it? I will take it week 11 one pin on Monday and one pin on Thursday and repeat that week 12 and the following 2 weeks I am off cycle waiting for esters to clear out. So week 13 and 14 will be my last weeks taking HCG and I will wait 3 days and start my clomid and nova. Does that sound about right? So do I take 250iu twice a week or 500iu twice a week? One more question, if I get this 2000iu bottle how much is 250iu on a 100 syringe and how much is 50iu on a 100 syringe? Thanks

Your protocol sounds good. You can take 250iu three times a week or even 500iu twice a week. Make sure you inject intramuscular. Take care.


Hcg doesn`t need to be injected intramuscular. Subcutaneous a couple inches away from the belly button will suffice

Dr. Scott

I prefer 500mg 2-3 times a week for two weeks and the 250iu. If i am not mistaken bhrat serums product comes premixed in this case 2000iu/ml so 500 iu would be 1/4 ml (25Units on a standard u-100 insulin syringe) 250iu half of that or 1/8ml. Not sure what the guy above is talking about but HCG can be delivered IM or Sub q, per the mfg. It is most commonly given sub q. Sub q For most guys its more convenient, comfortable and certainly easier with an insulin syringe. Hope this helps Continue reading HCG HUCOG 2000 iu